Dona Paula Beach: Lovers Paradise in Goa

Dona Paula Beach is at a distance of  7 km from Panjim. This beach is also known as Lovers Paradise. This beach is a perfect place to spend some tranquil moments. This beach is also popular as a shooting site. 

Dona Paula Beach is located in North Goa. It offers many picturesque spots and a huge space for sunbathing. One can relax on the beach sands and soak up the sun while enjoying the tranquility of this place. 

At Dona Paula Beach, tourists can indulge in many water sports activities. You can also go for dolphin watching in a boat. There is also a market where you can try delicious food and buy many items. This vibrant market attracts many tourists. 

If you are planning a visit to Dona Paula Beach then here is detailed information to guide you :

How to Reach -
If you want to visit Dona Paula Beach then you can hire a self drive car for hassle-free travel. Car4Hires provides excellent self drive car rental services in Panjim and other areas of Goa. You can rent a self drive car from Car4Hires in Panjim and travel to Dona Paula Beach without any inconvenience. 

Best Time to Visit -
You can visit Dona Paula Beach in the months between November and February. This is the best time to visit this beach. 

Water Sports Activities -
Dona Paula Beach offers several water sports activities to make your vacation fantastic at this beach. You can enjoy many water activities here. Some of the popular beach activities here are :

* Water Scooter
* Motorboat Ride
* Kayaking
* Windsurfing
* Water Skiing
* Sports Fishing
* Snorkeling

Best Restaurants and Bars at Dona Paula Beach -
There are many restaurants around Dona Paula Beach where tourists can enjoy good food with their family or friends. Some of the best restaurants are:

* Captain 'n' Joe Bar
* Karan s restaurant and bar
* Menino s Sea View Restaurant and Bar
* Delhi Darbar Mughlai Restaurant & Bar

Accommodations Near Dona Paula Beach -
There are many hotels and resorts near Dona Paula Beach according to your needs and budget. Some of the best are here for you to check out:

* Cidade de Goa
* Varanda Do Mar
* The Fern Residency
* Miramar Residency
* The Hawaii Comfort

Nightlife at Dona Paula Beach -
Dona Paula Beach offers entertaining and addictive nights. There are many clubs and bars here where you can dance all night. Some of the best are:

* Lobby Bar
* Bar Alfonso
* Bar Latino

Things to carry at Dona Paula Beach -
You should carry some important things while visiting Dona Paula Beach. 

* Sunglasses
* Swimming Costumes
* Cotton Clothes
* Sunscreen
* Water Bottle
* Camera
* Flip Flops

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