A Fun-Filled Day at Calangute Beach

Goa is known for its attractive beaches and water sports.  Goa has many beautiful beaches.  One of them is Calangute Beach.  Calangute Beach is in North Goa and it is the most commercialized of all the beaches in Goa. It is one of the prettiest  beach in Goa. If you are in Goa then you must have to spend a fun-filled day at Calangute Beach. This beach is famous for its water sports and nightlife. Calangute Beach is a perfect destination for a fun-filled holiday. It is a perfect place for all the party lovers. Calangute Beach offers so many activities and so much more to do. The best period to visit here is from November to February. You will see many foreigners and tourists on this beach. Now we will talk about the things you can do at Calangute Beach. 

1. Water Sports - Calangute Beach offers many water sports including parasailing, banana boat rides and jet skiing. You must have to enjoy these water sports for a thrilling experience. This will add more spark to your trip. 

2. Beach Nightlife - This beach offers an active nightlife with bars, clubs and beach parties. So if you are a party lover then this will be a memorable experience for you. 

3. Restaurants - If you are in Calangute then you have many good options for food. There are many restaurants near Calangute beach that offer seafood and many other delights of Goa. Some of them are The Fisherman's Wharf, Flamingo and Souza Lobo. You can visit these restaurants for good food options. 

These are the top things you can do at Calangute Beach during your fun-filled day. Not only these, this beach offers so much more to do. There are also some nearby attractions like Aguada Fort and Baga Beach. Here you can enjoy your day full of enjoyment and and amazing views. Not only Calangute Beach, Goa has many attractive beaches and historical places. But how you can visit these places if you are a tourist? So here is a greater option for you. You can hire a self drive car from Goa Airport and then start your Goa trip in a self drive car. Car4Hires is a good option if you want to hire a self drive car as they offer best self drive car rental services at very reasonable prices. In a self drive car, you will enjoy your trip with more convenience. So book your self drive car now from their website if you are planning a trip to Goa. 

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