A Fun Weekend in Chandigarh

Last weekend, I visited to Chandigarh with my family for a day out. As we know there are many places to explore in Chandigarh. Chandigarh is all about beautiful parks and gardens. Well we often come to Chandigarh for weekends. We choose a convenient option to roam around Chandigarh roads. So we always book a self drive car whenever we come to explore Chandigarh. It is a best way to explore the city conveniently with your family or friends. Last week when we came to Chandigarh we went to Rock Garden as it is one of the famous gardens in Chandigarh and best place to explore with family and kids. Firstly We booked our self drive car from Car4Hires. They provide best self drive car rental services in Chandigarh and also it is our trustable option to hire a rental car. When we reached Chandigarh we got our car on proper time. After that we went to Rock Garden. It sits near Sukhna Lake. There were many people outside the garden. Also there were many photographers and painters outside there. There were many street food options outside the garden. So firstly we enjoyed the street food. After that we purchased the tickets to enter the garden. The ticket price for adults was 30 rupees and for children it was 10 rupees only. After entering the garden, we saw very beautiful views inside the garden. As we know it is a sculpture garden and it is built of waste and thrown-away items. Also, the sculptures inside this garden are made of bangles, bottles, tiles and electric waste. Apart from these sculptures, there are many man-made waterfall that enhances the beauty of this place. There is also a Dolls Museum inside this garden. There were many dolls inside this museum which were made of waste materials. Apart from this we saw many more amazing things inside the garden. After exploring the garden to the fullest we came outside and took some family photographs. Our first visit to this garden is very amazing and memorable. Everyday hundreds of people visited this garden. So if you are planning your next trip to Chandigarh then don't forget to visit this garden and to make your trip more comfortable do book your self drive car from Car4Hires. You can easily book your self drive car from their website on your own because it is very easy to book a car from their website. 

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