A Good Weekend at Barog Hill Station

Chandigarh is a very beautiful place and it has so much to offer. Chandigarh has many places where you can go with your friends during your weekends or dayouts. But there are many more places near Chandigarh where you can visit on weekends with your friends or family. One of the best place to visit near Chandigarh is Barog. This place is an ideal tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh. Barog is a hill station near Solan City . Barog is just 60 kilometers from Chandigarh. The fastest way to reach there is by road. You can go there in your personal vehicles like car. If you don't have your personal vehicle then you can also rent a self drive car to visit this place. There are many companies in Chandigarh which offer self drive car rental services. The best one is Car4Hires because they offer excellent car rental services at very budget- friendly prices. After receiving your car, you can start your journey to Barog from Chandigarh. It only takes  around 2 hours to reach Barog in a car from Chandigarh. This place is best for people who are seeking peace. This place is good for any travellers like families, honeymooners and backpackers. If you're in Barog then don't forget to visit these 5 famous places -

1. Choor Chandni Peak - Choor Chandni Peak is the most famous tourist destination in Barog and this place is a best destination for photographers and nature lovers. This place is popular among tourists because it offers trekking also. So it is a best place for all the adventure lovers. 

2. Dolanji Bon Monastery - Dolanji Bon Monastery is a must visit place in Barog for all the tourists. It is located on the Narag-Sarahan Road. It is a best place for all peace seekers. People who want to experience true Tibetan culture should definitely visit this place. 

3. Suketi Fossil Park - This is a must visit place in Barog and It is situated on the Banks of the Markanda River. It is one of the main attractions in Barog. This is a place where the actual fossils are found. If you're are in Barog, don't want to visit this park and spend some time here. 

4. Barog Camping Grounds - If you're with your friends, then don't forget to visit Barog Camping Grounds as it is a best place to visit in Barog hill station. You can enjoy the beautiful view of the peak and put up your own tents. You can experience a good time here with nature and enjoy bonfires, lodging and natural trekking trails. 

5. Jatoli Shiv Temple - Jatoli Shiv Temple is the most beautiful place to visit in Barog. You will see many tourists at this place. You will also see a lot of locals performing rituals at this temple. You can also attend the morning prayers at this temple which make your trip more beautiful. 

How to Reach Barog Hill Station

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