Arvalem Waterfalls: Most Soothing Place in Goa

Arvalem Waterfall is one of the soothing and peaceful places in Goa. This waterfall is an excellent place for picnics and outings. One can never get tired of seeing the majesty and beauty of this waterfall.

Arvalem Waterfall is with a height of 50 meters and width of 7 meters. These falls form a plunge pool below where tourists can swim and relax with the cool water. Along with a well-maintained park, a temple of Lord Shiva is also located in the vicinity.

During the rains, the wide white cascade of the waterfall flows noisily through the area made of rocks and trees. This waterfall is a gorgeous place to enjoy a fun day out in Goa with the family. This would be an ideal place for a family outing or picnic on weekends.

Tourists can spend more than two hours at the waterfall and enjoy various fun activities which include taking a dip in the water, walking in the lush green environment, clicking pictures near the waterfall or visiting small shops nearby.

Arvalem Waterfall is one of the best places to visit during monsoon in Goa. Rudreshwar temple is also located near the waterfall. Hence visiting the waterfall helps you cover many other tourist spots as well.

If you are planning a trip to this waterfall then here is the detailed information about this place that will help you:

How to Reach Arvalem Waterfall -
The most comfortable and fastest way to reach this waterfall is by road. For every traveler who wants to visit this place, self drive rental car is a great option. Car4Hires is one of the excellent self drive car rental service providers in Goa. We provide excellent car rental services to our customers at very realistic rates. You can simply visit our website and book a car of your choice. We also provide discounts to our customers on pre-booking.

Best Time to Visit Arvalem Waterfall -
Monsoon is the best time of the year to visit Arvalem Falls as the waterfall is full with water at this time, making it a great destination for tourists. The greenery around the waterfall also becomes rich and lush green, pleasing the eyes of nature lovers. Anytime between August and September, you can schedule a trip to Arvalem Waterfalls to see this site in its best avatar.

Tourist Places to visit Near Arvalem Waterfall - 
You can also visit these nearby tourist places from Arvalem Waterfalls if you rent a self drive car from Car4Hires. These tourist places are:

* Rudreshwar Temple
* Carambolim Lake
* Pandava Caves

Things to carry at Arvalem Waterfall - 
Since Arvalem Waterfall is a monsoon tourist destination, you should keep these important things with you:

* Raincoat
* Umbrella
* Rubber shoes
* Waterproof bags
* Comfortable clothes 
* Lens guard for camera
* Mosquito repellent creams

Frequently Asked Question:

How to reach Arvalem Waterfall from Panjim?
You can rent a self drive car from Car4Hires in Panjim to visit Arvalem Waterfalls. If you rent a self drive car, it will take about 32 minutes from Panjim.

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