Best Must-Visit Attractions In Dehradun

Dehradun is the capital city of Uttarakhand. It is at the foot of the Himalayan mountains. This city is famous for its beautiful scenery and is a favourite spot for tourists who love nature, adventure, and a quiet escape. Dehradun has a pleasant environment throughout the year. Because of its moderate weather, many people visit Dehradun throughout the year. The city offers a mix of natural beauty and adventure activities, making it a great place for both relaxation and excitement. Dehradun is surrounded by lush greenery and has many parks and gardens that attract nature lovers. There are also several hiking and trekking trails in and around the city for those who enjoy outdoor activities. The nearby mountains provide opportunities for adventurous sports like rock climbing and paragliding.  In addition to natural attractions, Dehradun has a rich cultural heritage with many temples, museums, and historic sites to explore. Dehradun is a great place to escape from the busy life of big cities. It is peaceful and perfect for relaxing in nature, visiting cultural spots, or having an adventure. There is something for everyone here.

You can plan the best trip to Dehradun with friends and family, but the one thing you have to book in advance is self drive car rental Dehradun. It means you will get a car at your desired location and you can use that like your own car. You can take it anywhere and anytime with full privacy and freedom and you can return that car to your desired location, including bus stands, railway stations, and airports, making it a very convenient option for you. You need not rely on public transportation and taxis if you choose self drive car hire Dehradun. Relying on public transportation and taxis to explore Dehradun might not be the best idea for several reasons:

1. Limited Coverage: Public transportation in Dehradun does not cover all areas well. Many bus routes are limited, so getting to some tourist spots, especially those on the outskirts or in less accessible areas, can be difficult. This means that without good transportation options, you might miss out on visiting some beautiful and interesting places in and around Dehradun. For instance, some scenic spots or unique attractions located a bit farther from the city center might not be easy to reach.

2. Infrequent Services: Buses and other public transport might not come very often. This means you could end up waiting a long time for your ride. These long waits can be really annoying and might take away from the time you have to see the sights. Imagine standing at a bus stop or a train station, looking at your watch, and wondering when the next bus or train will finally arrive. Instead of enjoying your trip and visiting interesting places, you are stuck waiting. So choose self drive car rental Dehradun to eliminate the waiting time and explore all the sights conveniently.

3. Crowded and Uncomfortable: Public buses in Dehradun can get very crowded, especially during peak hours. This can make travel uncomfortable, especially if you are carrying bags or traveling with family. Your trip will turn into a stressful journey.

4. Costly Taxis: Taxis are more flexible than buses because they can take you wherever you need to go. But they can also cost a lot of money, especially if you are going a long way or exploring multiple destinations. If you use taxis a lot, the money you spend can really add up and use up your travel money faster than you might expect.

5. Unreliable Service: Using buses and taxis can sometimes be a bit tricky. Buses might not always come at the exact time they are supposed to, and it can be hard to find a taxi when there are not many people needing rides, especially in quieter areas.

6. Lack of Privacy: You did not have privacy and freedom to plan according to you. You have to share space with strangers in public transportation and taxis and you have to tie on their fixed schedules.

For these reasons, it is suggested to choose self drive car hire Dehradun. Hiring a self drive car will eliminate all your problems, you will get a very comfortable journey will full privacy and freedom. You need not wait for any bus or taxi to go anywhere, just drive your rental car and reach the particular destination. You can explore things better and it is even much more cost-effective than any other method. So choosing self drive car rental Dehradun will be the smart decision to plan a perfect trip. 

Top destinations to explore in Dehradun With Self Drive Car

Robber's Cave: It is a very famous tourist spot in Dehradun because of its pretty nature and interesting rocks. Some people call it Gucchu Pani. It is a cool spot for people who like nature and adventures. The cave is made by a stream of water that goes under the ground and comes back up a short distance away. People can walk through the cave in water up to their knees, which makes it more fun. Inside, the cave is cool and peaceful, which feels nice compared to the hot outside. It is called "Robber's Cave" because it is said that robbers hid there many years ago. But now, it is not a place for bad guys anymore. Instead, it is a calm place where people go for picnics and to relax away from the busy city. The cave is surrounded by lots of green plants which make it even more beautiful. People love to visit this place because it is so peaceful and helps them feel refreshed. Robber's Cave is a super cool place that lots of people love to visit. People come from all over because they can do fun stuff like hiking and climbing rocks. If you are into exciting outdoor adventures, this place is perfect for you! It is like a dream for anyone who loves exploring nature and having a great time outside. So, if you are looking for an awesome adventure, definitely check out Robber's Cave with self drive car hire Dehradun.

Sahastradhara: The translation of Sahastradhara is a 'thousand-fold spring', and it is a really cool place to visit. It is famous because the water there has sulfur in it, which is good for your health. You must explore this place with self drive car hire Dehradun. People also call it Sulphur Springs because the waterfalls there run over these cool limestone formations, and because of that, the water has sulfur in it. When you take a dip in this water, it feels really cold, but it is said to be super good for you. It is like a natural spa! The water is not as warm as the air around it, which adds to the refreshing feeling. And the place is so pretty, with mountains all around. You can even go on a fun ride in a ropeway and see the mountains up high. It's a really peaceful place, with lots of plants from the Himalayas. The water there falls about 9 meters, which is pretty tall. And because of all the limestone and sulfur in the area, you can see these cool orange-brown colors in the caves nearby. You will have a memorable time here.

The Tapkeshwar Temple: It is also known as the Tapkeshwar Mahadev Temple. It is a very famous temple in Dehradun. It is a special place dedicated to Lord Shiva, situated near. Long ago, this cave was home to the renowned guru Dronacharya, which is why that cave is called Drona cave. Inside the temple, there is a Shiva Linga, a symbol of Lord Shiva, believed to fulfill the wishes of those who pray there. What's fascinating is that water drips continuously from the cave ceiling onto the Shivalinga, creating an amazing sight. There are also natural sulfur springs nearby where pilgrims can cleanse themselves before entering the main temple. Tapkeshwar Temple attracts many visitors because of its simplicity and charm. It is a popular spot in Dehradun, not just for religious pilgrims but also for young travelers who come here for picnics. To get to the temple, you need to take a short trek through the forest, adding an adventurous touch to your journey.

The Mindrolling Monastery: It is called the Buddha Temple Complex and it was founded by Khochhen Rinpoche in 1965 in Clement Town, Dehradun, Uttarakhand. It is in the hills near the Himalayas. Many people, both from India and other countries, visit this monastery every day to find peace. It is a beautiful place with different parts to explore, like gardens, a university area, and the tallest Stupa in Asia. Inside, there are many rooms with shrines, Tibetan artworks, and paintings. You can not miss the big statue of Buddha there. This is a must-see spot with self drive car rental Dehradun. This monastery is one of six major ones in the Tibetan Nyingma School. It was started in 1676. Inside, there is a college where monks learn advanced Buddhist teachings. Right now, more than 300 monks are studying there to keep the teachings alive for future generations.

Fun Valley: It is a big fun place for families and friends to have a great time together. It is in a cool spot that you can explore with a car rental Dehradun. There is lots to do there, like rides, eating different foods, and staying in nice rooms. Fun Valley is the biggest amusement and water park in North India. It is surrounded by green hills near the Garhwal Himalayas. The prices are fair, and there is so much to do, making it a perfect spot to relax on weekends or when you have free time. There are exciting rides for everyone to enjoy with their loved ones. In Fun Valley, there is a water park, go-karting, and shops. It is become a popular place for tourists. But some things, like fancy rooms and party areas, might not always be available, so it is best to check. There is always to do everything in this amusement park that you can explore. It has a lot of big rides where you can have fun while spending time.


What is self drive car rental?
Self drive car rental means you rent a car and drive it yourself, without needing a driver. It lets you go where you want when you want, and keep your privacy. You save money by not hiring a driver and can change your travel plans easily.

How to hire a self drive car in Dehradun?
You can easily hire a self drive car in Dehradun from Car4Hires website by following some simple steps. We provide very fast service here. Just choose the pickup location that will be the most convenient for you, including airports, bus stops, railway stations, and any other that will be the most convenient for you and you will get the car there at your scheduled time. 

What documents are required to rent a self drive car in Dehradun?
You should have your valid driving license and original government ID to rent a self drive car in Dehradun.

What is the cost to hire a self drive car in Dehradun?
The price changes depending on the season and the type of car you want, as well as how long you will be renting it. You can find out the exact cost by visiting our Car4Hires website or giving us a call at 7528904589.

What is the minimum age to rent a self drive car in Dehradun?
Your age should be above 20 years to rent a self drive car in Dehradun.

What if I want to extend the return time of my car?
Just contact us if you want to extend your trip duration and schedule the next drop date and time. 

Can I book a self drive car for 1 week in Dehradun?
Yes, you can easily book self drive car in Dehradun for 1 week or more from Car4Hires.

Who will pay the fine for breaking the traffic rules?
Be responsible while driving, and follow all the traffic rules and speed limits to avoid any fine because you have to pay for that.

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