Best Place for Day Out Near Chandigarh

As we know Chandigarh is a very beautiful place and it has many wonderful places for a good day out. But there are also some good places near Chandigarh to spend time with your family and friends. One of those places include Pinjore Garden. Last week, we made a plan to visit this beautiful place. Firstly, we booked a self drive car to make our travel more comfortable as we know self drive cars are easily available in Chandigarh. We booked a self drive car from Car4Hires because we heard somewhere that they provide the best self drive car rental services in Chandigarh. We received our car on time and also the car was very neat and clean. Their staff was also very friendly and they guide us to book a self drive car from their website. After receiving our car, we started our small journey from Chandigarh to Pinjore. This beautiful garden is located in Pinjore city which is in Haryana. This garden is famous for its greenery, refreshing fountains and water bodies. Everyday many tourists visit this beautiful garden as it is famous all over the world. This garden also held an Annual Mango Festival in between April and June. As we visited this place in the month of February when people like to bask in the sun, we reached there at 11 am in the morning to have a good day. Now Lets talk about this place and how we spent our day at this place.

History of Pinjore Garden

Pinjore Garden is made in 17th Century located in the Pinjore city. This beautiful garden is designed by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb and his cousin Nawab Fidai Khan who was a famous architect. 

Things To Do at Pinjore Gardens for a Good Day Out

1. Mini Zoo - A mini zoo with the species of animals and birds is maintained inside this garden. So after reaching this garden, we explored this mini zoo. This mini zoo is a very good place to explore. Children enjoy alot at this place. Adults and kids can both explore this zoo and no extra cost is required for this.

2. Nursery - There is also a nursery inside this garden where you can see many flower and other plants. You can also purchase potting plants for your own garden. We also purchased 2 flower plants for our mini garden in our home. 

3. Japanese Garden - There is a Japanese Garden in some area of this garden where we saw a bridge, beautiful water body and  a beautiful structure with a tiered tower. We loved this place so much and spend a good time here. 

4. Street Food - After exploring this places, we were so hungry so we decided to eat something. There are many street vendors who sell delicious and mouth watering food so we enjoyed the delicious food with our family.

5. Camel Riding - Camel Rides also available outside this garden. At the end, we enjoyed camel rides with our family.

Best Time To Visit Pinjore Gardens

The best time to visit this Garden is from February to April and September to December as the weather is not so hot during these months. Many festivals are also organized during these months which attract many tourists to visit this place during this time. During summers you can visit this place in the evening.

How to Reach Pinjore Garden 

Pinjore Gardens are 22 kilometers away from Chandigarh. It is better to visit this place in your own vehicle but if you are a tourist or you don't have your personal vehicle you can hire a self drive car like us. You can hire your self drive car from Car4Hires as they offer top class services to their customers. Their prices are also very affordable. Our self drive car rental experience with Car4Hires was amazing. if you are planning to visit Pinjore Gardens then book your self drive car from Car4Hires. You can book your self drive car directly from their website.

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