Betul Beach: Best Place To Try Delicious Seafood

Betul Beach is a quiet and peaceful beach in South Goa. It is a secluded sandy beach surrounded by many trees. On this beach you will find lots of palm and casuarina trees. Betul Beach is located next to Mobor Beach across the Sal River.

Betul Beach is a fishing hamlet with particularly picturesque views and remote atmosphere. Betul Beach is famous for being home to Goa's largest and tastiest mussels. You will find very few tourists on this beach as compared to other beaches of Goa, it is also very less crowded beach. 

Betul beach transforms into a romantic paradise at sunset and many tourists visit this place at this time. Betul beach takes its name from a small fishing village. There is also a Cutbona fishing port on the Sal River which you can visit when you are here. You can also cruise on the Sal River. There are many operators.

There is also a small lagoon on this beach. Tourists also visit Betul Lighthouse and admire the natural beauty of this place. You can find many fishing boats and sea trawlers along the beach. People can also see the majestic Betul Fort from this beach.

You will find very few beach shacks on this beach. Being a fishing village, the seafood at this beach is very tasty which you will not easily find anywhere else. Due to its peaceful environment this beach is also an ideal place for newly married couples. They can spend quality time at this beach.

If you are looking for a peaceful beach in South Goa then here is the detailed information about this beach that will help you plan your next trip here:

How To Reach Betul Beach -
Betual Beach is about 20 km from Margao. The best and fastest way to reach this beach is by private transport. Self drive cars are the best option to travel in Goa. You can rent a self drive car to visit this beach. Car4Hires offers the best self drive car rental services in Goa at very reasonable prices. You can rent a self drive car at Margao Raiway station from Car4Hires. You can book your self drive car directly from Car4Hires website and enjoy the best car rental services in Goa.

Best Time To Visit Betul Beach -
The best time to visit any beach in Goa is from November to February as during this time the temperature is not so high and the weather is also very good to plan a trip to Goa. This is the peak season for tourism in Goa. It is not advisable to plan a trip to Goa during summer and monsoon season.

Water Sports At Betul Beach -
Betul Beach offers very few water sports activities as this is a quite and serene beach. The famnous water sports on this beach are Fishing and Strolling.

Tourist Places to Visit Near Betul Beach -
There are some tourist places near Betul Beach which you can visit within a short drive from the beach. These are the famous tourist places:

* Betul Fort
* Madgaon city

You can easily visit these nearby tourist places by renting a self drive car from Car4Hires. 

Frequently Asked Question

How to reach Betul Beach from Cavelossim Beach?
You can reach Betul Beach by taking a short drive from Cavelossim Beach. For easy travel in Goa, you can rent a self drive car from car4Hires.

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