Colva Beach in South Goa

Colva Beach is located in South Goa and is one of the most visited beach by tourists. This beach is located in Southern Goa at a distance of 9 km from Margao. Colva Beach is about 35 km away from Panaji. This beach is one of the popular beaches of South Goa. Colva Beach is a 2.5 km long beach with powdery white sand. There are many coconut trees on this beach which enhance the beauty of the beach. Colva Beach also offers many water sports activities for all the adventure lovers. So if someone wants to do adventure then Colva Beach is the right place for them. Colva Beach is also popular among tourists for its sunset. Many tourists visit this beach to enjoy its stunning sunset views. This beach is an ideal place for those looking for peaceful retreat. Many tourists can be seen relaxing on this beach. This beach is very good for swimming. Many people can be seen enjoying swimming in the clear waters of this beach. People also come to this beach for jogging.

While Colva Beach is best to spend a peaceful day, it also offers a vibrant nightlife. This beach is also famous for the vibrant nightlife in entire South Goa. Colva Beach looks even more beautiful at night because of its night clubs. Colva Beach is an ideal place for party-lovers. This beach is the most favorite beach of tourists. So if you are in South Goa, do not forget to visit this amazing beach.

Things to do at Colva Beach

Colva Beach offers many water sports activites that you can do to make your holiday more adventurous. There are a wide range of water activites you can do at Colva Beach. 

Top Water Activites

* Parasailing
* Banana Boat Ride
* Speed Boat Ride
* Jet Ski Ride
* Water Scooter
* Swimming

Accommodation at Colva Beach

There are many beach shacks at Colva Beach where you can stay at very reasonbale price. Apart from beach shacks, there are many hotels and resorts around Colva Beach for a perfect stay.

Popular Hotels & Resorts Near Colva Beach

* Longuinhos Beach Resort
* Silver Sands Beach Resort
* Jymi's Cottages
* The Golden Palms Hotel & Spa, Colva
* La Ben Resort

Nightlife at Colva Beach

Colva Beach offers a very lively nightlife compared to other beaches. People can enjoy the whole night at Colva Beach. If you are at Colva Beach then you should not miss its nightlife during your visit. Beach shacks and restaurants remain open even at night. There are many bars and night clubs on Colva Beach to enjoy the whole night.

Popular Bars & Nightclubs Around Colva Beach

* Margarita Pub
* Casa La Bar
* Sunshine Disco
* Outback Bar
* Gatsby Pub

How to Reach Colva Beach

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