Kesarval Waterfalls: The Most Peaceful Tourist Destination Amidst Nature

Kesarval Waterfall is a hidden gem nestled amidst the lush greenery of Goa, India. This enchanting waterfall is located near Varna village, which offers a serene and picturesque retreat. This waterfall is also known as Kesarval Spring or Varna Waterfall.

Kesarval Waterfall is a mesmerizing waterfall in Goa. The pleasant sound of falling water and refreshing mist will welcome you at Kesarval Falls. The waterfall is nestled in a dense tropical forest, which creates a serene and enchanting environment.

Kesarval Falls is a paradise for those seeking solace and peace. The natural surroundings, with towering trees and diverse vegetation, creates a serene and refreshing ambiance. The cool and pristine waters of the falls provide the perfect respite from the heat, inviting tourists to take a dip and admire the beauty of the nature.

This waterfall is ideal for swimming and other water activities. The area around Kesarval Falls is suitable for walks and picnics. The picturesque landscape offers many places where tourists can rest, relax and enjoy the beauty of this magnificent place.

Kesarval Waterfall offers opportunities for trekking and exploration. Visitors can embark on an exciting trek through the lush green forests, following the natural paths leading to the waterfall. You'll see native wildlife, such as butterflies, birds and monkeys, which will add to the excitement of your adventure.

There are small temples and shrines in the area around Kesarval Waterfalls, which add a spiritual touch to the serene atmosphere. Take some time to offer your prayers or sit quietly, connecting with spiritual energy. The peaceful atmosphere of the waterfall is perfect for meditation and introspection.

Here is detailed information about this waterfall that will help tourists who are planning their next visit here:

How to Reach Kesarval Waterfalls -
The best way to reach this waterfall is by personal transport. Tourists can rent a self drive car which is the best option for traveling in Goa. Car4Hires offers the best self drive car rental services in various areas of Goa at very realistic rates. You can book self drive car from our website as we provide a very user-friendly website.

Best Time to Visit Kesarval Waterfall -
Monsoon season is best suited to visit this waterfall when it reaches its peak due to abundant rains and it flows into the lake below. However, this is not always the best time to take a dip in the water, as it can be dangerous and slippery. Kesarval Falls is a popular tourist destination from the months of July to March, when the water flow slows down to nominal levels in early summer.

Tourist Places To Visit Near Kesarval Waterfalls -
Here is a list of some tourist places to visit near Kesarval Waterfalls, where you can easily visit by renting a self drive car from car4Hires.

* Rachel Fort
* Shantadurga Temple
* Cortalim Jetty

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Which is the nearest airport to Kesarwal Falls and how to reach this waterfall from there?
The distance between Dabolim Airport and Kesarwal Falls is 15 km and it takes about 25 minutes from there. To reach this waterfall you can rent a self drive car from Car4Hires at Dabolim Airport.

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