Netravali Waterfall: Most Beautiful Waterfall in Goa

Netravali Waterfalls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Goa. This is a must visit place for every tourist planning a trip to Goa. This place is one of the favourite destinations in Goa. Netravali Waterfalls remains crowded during weekends. You will see many tourists here during weekends. The waterfall is located within a wildlife sanctuary and are protected from exploitation.

Netravali Waterfall is one of the most popular attractions of Goa. To see this enchanting waterfall, you will have to pass through narrow passages, thrilling paths and dense forests. This waterfall is an ideal place for every nature lover. This waterfall is an ideal place to visit with your family and children. One can plan a weekend holiday at this place to admire the beauty of this place.

The forest surrounding Netravali Falls has a unique native tree species known as Bombax ceiba. Netravali Falls is also known as Savari Falls. Tourists can enjoy at this in many ways. They can take a dip or taking a bath in the lake's water or they can also enjoy swimming. The water here is very clean and green in colour. Many adventure activities can also be experienced at this waterfall. The landscape around this waterfall is very peaceful and refreshing. To reach the waterfall, you have to take a 2 kilometer hike through the reserve with a guide. 

How To Reach Netravali Waterfalls -
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By renting a self drive car, you will have to drive to the main entrance of Netravel National Park. You can reach there in 2 hours by self drive car from Margao city. From there, you can trek or hike to the Netravali Waterfall place.

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Panjim or Panaji is one of the most famous cities of Goa and also the district of Goa. Most of the travelers travel from Panjim to reach Netravali Falls. Netravali Waterfalls are about 80 km from Panjim. Car4Hires also provides self drive car rental services in Panjim city. You can rent a self drive car in Panjim from Car4Hires and start your journey to Netravali Falls.

Best Time To Visit Netravali Waterfalls -
You can visit Netravali Falls anytime throughout the year, but the months of August to December would be the ideal time to visit this beautiful waterfall. During this period, there is substantial rainfall in this area, which makes the waterfall look more alluring. The temperature at this time also ranges between 15 to 20 degrees Celsius, which is best for participating in many adventure activities.

Tourist Attractions You Should Not Miss At Netravali Waterfalls -
As we know Netravali Falls is the biggest tourist attraction of South Goa. If you are at Netravali Falls you should also check out some of the other famous tourist attractions in the area. These tourist places are:

* Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary
* Bhootnath Temple
* Trek to Ravna Dongor
* Ramanatha Temple
* Gopinath Temple
* Bubble Lake

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