Querim Beach: Best Beach For Water Sports

Querim Beach is one of the lesser-known beaches of the North Goa. This beach is located in the village of Querim. This sandy beach is not as popular as compared to other beaches in North Goa. This beach has white sand that makes it look more beautiful. You can visit this beach during sunrise to enjoy beautiful views. You can also enjoy sunbathing on this beach. There are many pine trees on this beach. Some beach shacks and a few vendors are serving local food. There is an Ajoba Temple on the side of the beach. 

If you're planning your next visit to Querim Beach then you should read these guidelines :

How to Reach Querim Beach
If you want to explore Querim Beach and its nearby tourist places then you should hire a self drive car. You can book your self drive car from Car4Hires because it is one of the best self drive car rental providers in Goa. You have to visit Car4Hires website to book your rental car. We also offer discounts on pre-bookings. 

Water Sports at Querim Beach
Some popular water sports you can enjoy at Querim Beach are -

* Paragliding
* Surfing
* Kayaking
* Banana Ride

If you are confused about which activity to indulge in then you should try parasailing. One of the best activities for an adventure holiday is parasailing. It is similar to paragliding. The duration of this activity is 2 hours and they will charge 3100 rs for this activity. 

Accommodations Near Querim Beach -
After a lot of adventure activities, your body needs rest and comfort. Here are some best places for a perfect stay near Querim Beach -

* Yab Yum Resort
* Cocoloco Residency
* Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel
* Samaaya Cottages and Cafe

Tourist Places to Visit Near Querim Beach -
If you're at Querim Beach or planning to visit this beach then you should also visit these nearby tourist places. 

* Tiracol Fort
* Chapora Fort
* Shri Ajoba Shrine
* St. Cajetan's Church

You can visit these nearby tourist places by taking a short drive from Querim Beach. Book your self drive car from Car4Hires for easy travel. 

Frequently Asked Question

How do I travel to Querim Beach from Panjim? 
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