Rachol Fort: An Ancient and Historical Fort in Goa

Rachol Fort is located north-east of Margao. It is located near Rachol Seminary, about 4 kilometers from Margao city. It is an ancient and historically significant fort. Rachol Fort gained fame for the battles fought between the Vijayanagara and Bijapur empires.

Rachol Fort is a majestic fort and has become a major tourist attraction of the city. The fort is built with laterite stones and offers a very beautiful environment to the visitors. Rachol Fort was controlled by many Indian rulers until the Portuguese took control of the fort.

Rachol is also known as Raitura and is a village in Salcete, Goa in south-western India. Rachol village has many historical monuments or heritage structures. This village is an ideal place for history lovers to study the history of Salsette. The village is home to the Church of Our Lady of the Snows.

Rachol Fort is a must visit tourist place in Goa with family and kids. It is one of the famous forts of Goa because of its history and battles. You can visit this fort with your children and narrate its historical stories to them.

If you are in Goa and planning your next visit to Rachol Fort then here is a detailed information for you about this fort:

How to Reach Rachol Fort-
You can visit this majestic fort by road, by private transport. This is the best and fastest option to reach this place. But if you do not have your own personal vehicle or you are a tourist in Goa then self drive rental car is a great option for you to travel in Goa.

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Best time to visit Rachol Fort -
The best and suitable time to visit Rachol Fort is from November to February as the weather in Goa is very good during this period and it is the peak tourist season in Goa. It is not recommended to plan a trip to Goa in summer as the temperatures are very high.

The best time during the day to visit Rachol Fort is in the morning or evening as the sun is not so hot at this time and you can easily take a walk around the fort. You can also enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset from the fort.

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