Shri Mangueshi Temple Goa: Most Beautiful Temple of Lord Shiva

The beautiful Shri Mangeshi Temple is a monument of spiritual significance and rich cultural heritage of Goa. Among the most famous temples of Goa, Shri Mangeshi Temple is famous for both its architecture and history. About 21 kilometres from the capital city of Panaji, it is located at Priol in Ponda taluka. The area surrounding this temple is known as Mangueshi. This beautiful temple is hidden amidst the stunning surroundings and lush greenery of Goa. This is the only temple in Goa where Lord Shiva is known as Lord Mangesh.

It is believed that the original temple was located at Kushasthali, which was once known as Cortalim. However, during the Portuguese Inquisition, many temples in Goa were destroyed. To save the temple from similar misfortune, the devotees shifted the Linga from the temple to Priol, which was then under the control of Adil Shah. It was in 1560 when the transfer of the deity took place. Since then, Shri Mangueshi temple has been renovated twice, once during the reign of the Marathas and the second time in 1890. The last renovation took place in 1973 when a golden Kalash was installed on top of the dome.

Architectural Marvel:
The architectural marvel of Shri Mangeshi Temple is worth seeing. It has tall towers, beautiful carvings and colourful walls that show a blend of Hindu and Portuguese styles. Inside, there is a big hall called Sabha Griha which can seat more than 500 people. It is decorated with old-period chandeliers. When you enter the temple area, you hear the chanting of priests, smell the incense and feel a peaceful atmosphere all around. In the main part of the temple, there is a special place called the Garbhagriha where the sacred icon of Lord Mangesh, called Lingam, is kept. People come here to pray, perform rituals and seek blessings for prosperity and well-being.

Festivals Celebrated in Mangesh Temple:
The annual Jatra is held in January and is the main festival celebrated at the Mangesh Temple. During the festival, the presiding deity is carried in a palanquin and taken in huge chariots. It is attended by thousands of devotees. Additionally, Shri Mangueshi Temple celebrates festivals such as Magha Purnima Mahotsav, Mahashivaratri, Navratri, Akshaya Tritiya, Anant Vrithotsav, Dussehra, Diwali and Ram Navami.

How to Reach:
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Best Time to Visit:
The months from November to February are considered to be the best time to plan a trip to Goa as the weather is pleasant and breezy during this time. The month of January is the best time to visit this temple as you can also attend the main festival celebrated in Mangesh temple in January. It is not advisable to plan a trip to Goa in summer due to high temperatures.

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