The most visited place in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is the most beautiful and cleanest city in India. It is known for its well-planned layout and modern architecture. Chandigarh is both a city and a union territory, meaning it is directly governed by the Indian government. This city was designed by the famous French architect Le Corbusier. Chandigarh is divided into sectors, each with its own shopping areas, parks, and residential spaces. This layout makes it easy to navigate different areas. Chandigarh is the first choice for visitors to spend their holidays and engage in fun activities. It offers a wealth of historical landmarks, vibrant markets, beautiful natural scenery, numerous festivals, temples, and more that are must-visit places.

Many tourist places are situated very closely but many of them are far away. The only problem while exploring Chandigarh is the mode of transportation. Chandigarh offers excellent bus service but it sucks! These buses are often very crowded and not very comfortable. You have to wait a lot for the bus and a lot of people there will be waiting for the bus. Additionally, it has fixed routes that might not cover all the places you want to visit. But do not worry, we created the best solution for that problem which is self drive car rental Chandigarh, so that you need not depend on public transportation schedules or worry about finding taxis. With self drive car you can plan your trip as you want. You will get a car for your whole trip, for multiple days and you can use it like your own car. You can take it wherever you want and whenever you want. Hiring a self drive car in Chandigarh is beneficial for several reasons:

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2. Cost-Effective: Depending on your travel needs, self drive car hire Chandigarh can be more cost-effective than constantly hiring taxis or using ride-sharing services, especially if you plan to explore multiple destinations.

3. Privacy and Comfort: With a self drive car in Chandigarh, you have privacy and comfort, which might not be the case in public transportation or shared rides. You can control the temperature, play your own music, and stop whenever you want without having to share the space with strangers.

4. Convenience: Renting a self drive car in Chandigarh solves the problem of waiting for a taxi or figuring out public transportation routes. You can go wherever and whenever you like easily.

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 The Most Visited Place in Chandigarh: Sukhna Lake

Sukhna Lake is nestled right at the bottom of the Shivalik Hills. In Chandigarh, Sukhna Lake is a very beautiful place where people feel like they are in heaven because of its fresh air, beautiful scenery, and enjoyable activities. It is not a natural lake; people made it by blocking a stream called Sukhna Choe in 1958. The lake is unique because it is the only one of its kind in the city. It is about 3 square kilometres big. The water in the lake is a stunning blue colour. Lots of people come here in the morning to go for a jog or a walk. They love breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the peaceful surroundings. The person who designed Chandigarh said that this lake would be a special place for people to take care of their health and wellness. Sukhna Lake is famous for boating and other fun activities like rowing, bouncing on trampolines, enjoying the new Solar Cruise, and numerous rides for children. You can find a lot of artists and photographers on the lake who can make your beautiful portraits and click stunning images. Overall Sukhna Lake is a must-visit place in Chandigarh where you can spend quality time with friends and family.


Fees and Timings of Sukhna Lake


Entry fees: Free

Cost for boating:  50 per head for 2 persons,  100 per head for 4 persons


Entry time: You can enter anytime but the recommended timing is from 5:00 am to 9:00 pm

Boating time: 9:30 am to 6:00 pm


Things to do at Sukhna Lake

 There are numerous activities to do at Sukhna Lake for all age groups. Here are some fun things you can do at Sukhna Lake:

1. Boating: Exploring boating can be an unforgettable experience for everyone, whether you are a resident or a visitor. It is a fantastic way to soak in the stunning views of the lake and its nearby areas. When you go boating, you have options to pick from like Pedal Boats, Rowing Boats, and Motorboats. Each type offers a unique way to enjoy your time on the water.

 2. Sunset Watching: Do not forget to experience the stunning sight of the sun setting over Sukhna Lake. As the day transitions into the evening, the sky transforms into a variety of beautiful colors. Watching this beautiful scene will be an unforgettable experience for your trip.

 3. Camel Riding: You can enjoy camel riding near the lake, which is an activity offered by local vendors.

 4. Morning Walks and Jogging: The paths around the lake are perfect for easy walks in the morning or evening. You can walk or jog while enjoying the calmness of the lake.

 5. Photography: Sukhna Lake is really beautiful, especially for photographers. You can take amazing pictures of the lake, its reflections, and the birds that visit there.

 6. Enjoy delicious food and snacks: There are numerous cafes that offer a variety of delicious food and snacks at Sukhna Lake.

 7. Joyful Rides: You can enjoy various rides for different age groups like a trampoline jump for kids, toy trains, and many more that will add more joy to your trip.

 8. Portraits: There are numerous artists there who make beautiful portraits in very little time. You can have your wonderful portrait there.


How can I reach Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh?

 Sukhna Lake is situated in Sector 1 of Chandigarh and is very easy to reach. Chandigarh is a very well-organized city where you can easily reach any sector by the direction boards. It is suggested to use your own vehicle or go with a car rental Chandigarh service as cabs can be very expensive for exploring the whole city and nearby places too. To get to Sukhna Lake firstly drive towards the main roads of Chandigarh. Look for direction boards to Sector 1. Once you reach Sector 1, keep an eye on the direction board pointing toward Sukhna Lake. The path to reach Sukhna Lake is very easy. You can use Google Maps direction service to reach Sukhna Lake very easily and enjoy the stunning view and explore the whole city.


 Are self driving cars available in Chandigarh?

 Yes, self driving cars are available in Chandigarh. You can easily hire any 5-seater and 7-seater car from Car4Hires. Cars provided by Car4Hires are very well maintained and serviced periodically. You can enjoy your journey like your own vehicle so that you do not need to worry about cabs and public transportation. Just book once and enjoy the trip.

 What is the cost for renting a self drive car in Chandigarh?

The cost for self drive car hire Chandigarh depends on various factors like the car and model you are renting and for how many days you are booking a car. Price also varies from time to time in different seasons and weekends. For detailed information just give us a phone call at 7528904589.

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