Top Destinations Around Shimla Worth Visiting

Shimla is among the most popular hill stations in India. It is surrounded by many other beautiful places worth visiting. If you love traveling and exploring, you will find plenty of options nearby. These places offer breathtaking views, peaceful environments, and a chance to connect with nature. You can see many charming attractions like green valleys, scenic viewpoints, and lovely trails for hiking. You can enjoy various outdoor activities, such as walking through forests, picnicking by streams, and enjoying the cool mountain air. These places are perfect for relaxing and taking a break from the busy city life. There are also spots with rich historical significance, showing beautiful old architecture and cultural heritage. Exploring these areas gives you an experience of the past and the local traditions. You can visit ancient temples, colonial buildings, and traditional markets, all adding to the charm of your trip. In summary, while Shimla is a wonderful destination, do not miss out on the many other beautiful and interesting spots nearby. They offer a mix of relaxation, culture, and adventure, making your visit even more memorable.
There are a lot of places nearby Shimla that you must explore. For a comfortable and adventurous journey, choose self drive car rental as your mode of transportation. It will give you the freedom and privacy on your whole trip. Reaching all places with public transportation is very stressful and difficult. they have fixed routes, timings, and stops, which can make it very difficult to explore all paces as you want. Also constantly hiring taxis and cabs is very costly for accessing multiple destinations. So it is best to choose self drive car hire Shimla to explore the nearby wonders. 

Famous destinations to explore near Shimla

Kufri: Kufri is a charming hill town just 20 km from Shimla. Once a summer getaway for the British in 1819, Kufri still showcases its colonial buildings and architecture. With pleasant summers and snowy winters, Kufri attracts tourists year-round, especially from November to March when snowfall is at its peak. At an altitude of 2720 meters, Kufri is a popular starting point for treks in Himachal. Two of the main attractions are the Mahasu Peak trek and the Fagu Valley. You can hike or take a pony ride from the parking area to reach the top. While in Kufri, you can visit the Kufri Zoo, and Kufri Fun World (known for its Go-karting), and enjoy Yak rides. If you are planning a trip to Kufri then self drive car rental Shimla will be the best option for you. Kufri offers many sights, including temples, a wildlife sanctuary, and a nature park. So start your memorable journey of Kufri and enjoy the breathtaking scenes.

Chail: It is a quiet hill station 45 km from Shimla. It is famous for having the world's highest cricket ground and the Chail Palace, a historic hotel. Surrounded by pine and deodar trees, Chail is 2,250 meters above sea level. Tourists usually visit Shimla, Kufri, and Chail in one trip. It is a great place for a day trip from Shimla, as it only takes about 2 hours to get there from the Mall Road. You can also stay at a resort in Chail for a more enjoyable experience. Solan, another important city, is just 45 km away from Chail. Chail was built by the Maharaja of Patiala in 1893 after he was banned from Shimla for eloping with the daughter of the British Army commander, Lord Kitchener. Since then, Chail has been a popular spot for tourists looking to enjoy the beauty of the Shivalik ranges. The town of Chail is made up of three hills: Pandewa, Rajgarh, and Sadh Tibba. Chail offers various trekking and camping options for adventure lovers. Located by the river Sandhupul, Chail has many riverside camping spots. Visitors can also explore the Chail Wildlife Sanctuary. 

Mashobra: Mashobra is a beautiful, green place in Himachal Pradesh, located high in the mountains at about 7700 feet above sea level. This high altitude means there aren't many people around, allowing nature to thrive. Visiting Mashobra lets you enjoy pure, untouched natural beauty, making it a refreshing place to visit.  Mashobra is near Shimla, making it a great choice for a quiet hill station getaway. Unlike the busy streets of Shimla, Mashobra is peaceful and calm. There are just enough resorts and hotels to stay in without it being too crowded. The scenery is enchanting with green forests, clear skies, and fresh air.  Whether you want a lazy weekend away from city life or a longer vacation to relax and unwind, Mashobra is the perfect destination. You can explore the natural beauty, enjoy the tranquil environment, or simply relax in your resort. It's an ideal spot for anyone who loves nature and wants a peaceful environment in the hills.

Narkanda: It is a small, charming town surrounded by tropical forests, majestic hills, and woodlands. Located 63 kilometers from Shimla district, it is famous for skiing in winter. This hill station connects Shimla to the valleys of Kinnaur and Spiti, and it gets a lot of snowfall during winter. At a height of 9000 feet, Narkanda attracts tourists with its stunning natural beauty and lovely apple orchards. One famous orchard is Stokes Farm, the oldest orchard in Shimla, located 16 kilometers from Narkanda. Narkanda is also known for trekking, especially the popular Hatu Peak Trek. This trek passes by the Hatu Mata temple and Tannu Jabar Lake, both major attractions. Hatu Nag hill offers a breathtaking view of the town and is a must-visit for adventure enthusiasts. The natural beauty, adventure activities, and historical apple orchards make Narkanda a perfect destination for those seeking relaxation and adventure. Self drive car hire Shimla will be the best option to explore this place. It is around 60 kilo meters from Shimla.

Kasauli: It is a calm hill station in Himachal Pradesh, sitting 1,900 meters above sea level. It offers stunning views of green valleys and snowy mountains. Located just 72 kilo meters from Shimla, it is a great spot for a weekend escape, known for its nice weather all year round. This small town, full of old-world charm, has beautiful Victorian buildings built by the British. It is rich in history and gives visitors a peek into its colonial past. Popular places to visit in Kasauli include Christ Church, the Central Research Institute, the Monkey Temple, and Sunset Point, each with its own unique views and experiences. Kasauli is also a pilgrimage site, believed to be where Lord Hanuman rested while searching for medicines for Lord Lakshman. Adventure lovers can enjoy trekking through the thick forests, which offer thrilling experiences and stunning scenery. Visitors can enjoy fun activities like the Toy Train Ride and Timber Trail, which give amazing views of the hill station. The local food in Kasauli is delicious, with traditional Himachali dishes like Siddu, Babru, and Chana Madra, along with fresh Himachali tea. The town s markets sell unique handicrafts, woolens, and souvenirs. You can plan the best trip here from Shimla.

Solan: It is a town on the Punjab-Himachal border, located in the lower Himalayas. It is a quieter hill station perfect for those wanting a break from city life. Solan is known for its ancient temples and monasteries, which draw many tourists and worshippers each year. It also has one of India's oldest breweries and is famous for producing a lot of mushrooms, earning it the nickname "mushroom capital." The town is also called the "city of red gold" because it grows large quantities of tomatoes. There is a 300-year-old fort on a hilltop that offers amazing views of the countryside. Other attractions include the Nalagarh Fort, Majathal Sanctuary, Shoolini Mata Temple, and Jatoli Shiv Temple. A popular monastery in Solan is the Menri Monastery, which is a must-see. During British rule, Dagshai in Solan was a cantonment and now has a Jail Museum and some great quiet places to stay. To explore these places better and at affordable price hire a self drive car from Shimla and have a comfortable and joyful journey.

Top tips for renting a car near Shimla

1.There are a lot of tourists around Shimla, so book your rental car in advance to get the desired vehicle at the best price, especially during peak hours. 

2.Select a car suitable for the terrain and your group size.

3.Read the rental agreement carefully, including insurance coverage and additional charges.

4.Inquire about any hidden fees like fuel charges, late return fees, etc.

5.Before driving off, thoroughly inspect the car for any pre-existing damages and ensure everything works properly.

6.Take photos or videos of the car's condition before and after your rental period to avoid disputes over damages.

7.Familiarize yourself with the route and driving conditions around Shimla.

8.Carry necessary documents like your driver's license, identification, and rental agreement.

9.Follow all traffic rules and drive cautiously, especially on mountainous roads.

10.Keep emergency contacts of the rental company and local authorities handy in case of any issues.

11.Keep an eye on weather forecasts and road conditions, especially if you're traveling during monsoon or winter.

12.Return the car on time to avoid any late fees and maintain a good relationship with the rental company.


What are the main attractions in Kufri?
Kufri has many famous attractions like Kufri Fun World, a cool park, Himalayan Nature Park, Fagu, and Mahasu Peak where you can see all around. In winter, Kufri is great for skiing and sliding on snowy hills.

How to reach Kufri from Shimla?
You can reach Kufri with public buses and cabs but the best and most affordable method to reach Kufri is self drive car rental Shimla. It will give you freedom and privacy and you can explore things better in your own way. 

What are some famous places near Shimla?
Nearby places to visit from Shimla include Kufri for its scenic beauty and adventure activities, Chail for its peaceful ambiance and cricket ground, and Mashobra for its lush greenery. There are more heavens from Shimla that you can visit like Narkanda, Solan, Kasauli, Manali, and Mandi.

What is self drive car rental Shimla?
Self drive car means you will get a car for your whole trip and you can take it anywhere and anytime you want with full privacy. You need not depend on public transportation and expensive taxis, you can plan the trip as you want. Self drive car hire Shimla will be very cost-effective for exploring multiple places near Shimla.

Is there snowfall in Chail?
Yes, because of its high location, Chail gets snow almost every winter. It is actually a great spot to see snowfall without too many crowds around.

What are the main attractions in Chail?
In Chail, there are many tourist attractions like Chail Palace, Chail Wildlife Sanctuary, Kali Temple, and the highest cricket ground in the world. People who like nature and hiking really enjoy the forests and seeing the Himalayan mountains from there.

What is the distance between Chail and Shimla?
Chail is about 45 kilo meters away from Shimla.

What is the cost to rent a self drive car in Shimla?
Cost depends on the model of the car, the rental period, and the season in which you are renting a car. Contact us at 7528904589 to get more details.

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