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    Start Your Journey Without Any Trouble: Hire Self Drive Car At Phuket Airport

    Phuket is the biggest island in Thailand, found in the south by the sea. It has lots of visitors all year because it is easy to get to Phuket International Airport(HKT). There are beautiful beaches, fun markets, and lots of things to do, like water sports. Phuket has over 40 lovely beaches. Some are good for families, others for people who like something different. Patong Beach is lively, especially at night, with lots of bars and food stalls. If you prefer quieter places, there are shows to watch and markets to explore. Apart from the fancy stuff, you can also enjoy traditional things. You can go to islands like Phi Phi and Similan for a day trip. Phuket Town has a mix of Chinese and Portuguese history, as seen in its food, buildings, and museums. Phuket suits everyone - families, friends, couples, and all budgets. There are fancy resorts, hotels, and shops, but exploring the beautiful city might be trouble for you. Phuket is really big and it is full of attractions, some are situated close and some are far away. It is best to hire a self drive car in Phuket to enjoy your trip. Relying on public transportation and cabs is not really a good option. You have to look for a cab again and again to reach to new destination which will waste a lot of time. Also hiring cabs and taxis every time to get to the new location will be very expensive and time-consuming as well. It is very difficult to explore things better with public transportation. They have fixed routes and stops from where reaching to destination will be difficult every time with bags and luggage. Also, they have fixed schedules, so it is strongly recommended that choose self drive car rental Phuket International Airport to have a comfortable and hassle-free trip. You can discover the hidden gems and explore things better with your plan. You will have your own car which you can use anytime anywhere without depending on others.

    Self drive car hire Phuket International Airport

    Phuket, also known as the "Pearl of the South," is a really popular island in Thailand. Lots of people visit Phuket because it has amazing beaches and fun nightlife. In fact, Phuket brings in most of Thailand's tourists. It is like a paradise with great hotels and things to see. Phuket has just one airport called Phuket International Airport (HKT). It is a very busy place and helps a lot of people get to Phuket for vacation or pass through on their way somewhere else. About 16 million travelers come through this airport every year from all over the world. Phuket International Airport is the busiest airport after Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. The Phuket International Airport (HKT) is the most common location where a lot of people hire self drive cars. It is because this location is the most convenient. You will get the self drive car directly at the airport, eliminating the need to hire taxis and cabs. You can pick up the car directly from the airport and start your beautiful journey from there. To book a self drive car at Phuket International Airport you just have to select the pickup location as airport and you will get the car ready on your selected pickup time. 

    Must visit places in Phuket with your self drive car

    Phi Phi Islands: It is a group of six islands not far from Phuket, Thailand. The most well-known ones are Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh. These islands have clear water and fun parties, making them great for a few days' vacation. There are also four other smaller islands called Bida Nok, Bida Nai, Ko Mai Phai (Bamboo Island), and Ko Phi Phi Le. The Phi Phi Islands became well-known after the movie "The Beach" was filmed on Ko Phi Phi Le. This island also has the Viking Cave where they sell bird nests. The islands have tall cliffs, white sandy beaches surrounded by jungle, and beautiful blue water, like a paradise.

    Wat Chalong: It is a very famous temple in Phuket. Lots of people, both locals and tourists, visit it. The temple looks amazing with many carved Buddhas, gold decorations, and a snake-shaped railing made of stone. There are also ponds with lotus flowers. It is close to another famous site called the Big Buddha, so you can see both in one trip. Phuket has many Buddhist temples, but Wat Chalong is the biggest and most impressive. It is built traditionally, with several buildings around a tall main one, all in the same area. Near the temple, there are small shops selling clothes and other things like orchids. The temple is about 40 kilometers from Phuket International Airport. You can easily access this place with self drive car rental Phuket Airport. It is considered the most beautiful and respected temple in the area. In the temple area, there is also a newly built tall structure called Phra Mahathat Chedi, which is dedicated to a special Buddha relic.

    Big Buddha: It is one of Thailand's tallest statues. You can find it on Nakkerd Hill, not far from Kata, and you will need to drive uphill for about 6 kilometers to get there. The view from the top is really amazing. People donated money to build this statue, and it took a long time to finish. But now it is done, and visiting it up close is really special. The Big Buddha is made entirely of white marble. When you reach the top, you will see a stunning view of the southern coast of the island and the Andaman Sea. If you are lucky, you might see a really pretty sunset. There is also another lovely Buddha statue nearby, a bit smaller and made of brass. This place is a temple that is very important to the local people and to Buddhists in Thailand, so it is important to be respectful of the temple's rules and traditions. It is 46 kilometers from the Phuket International Airport(HKT). 

    Kata Beach: On the west side of Phuket, there is a great beach called Kata Beach. It is awesome because you can see the sea really well, and there is always lots of fun stuff happening. From May to October, the waves are big, so people who like surfing and paddling love it. From November to April, the weather is nice, and many people come to relax and sunbathe. At night, the beach becomes lively with bars, small shops, and parties. You can rent sunbeds and umbrellas, and there are also places where you can get a massage or buy snacks right on the beach. You can easily get there with self drive car hire Phuket Airport. It is 47 kilometers away from there.

    Phang Nga Bay: It also called Ao Phangnga, is a bunch of 42 islands between Thailand's Malay peninsula and Phuket. It covers about 400 square miles and is famous for its pretty scenery with caves, cliffs, mangrove forests, and lots of plants and animals, like the endangered Malaysian plover bird. Some of the bay is part of Ao Phang Nga National Park, which became protected in 1981. It is also a Ramsar Site, meaning it is a vital wetland recognized internationally for its ecological importance. Many people know Phang Nga because it was featured in the James Bond movie "The Man with the Golden Gun." Also, a part of the bay was used in the "Star Wars" movie to show a battle happening on the Wookiee planet. If you are visiting Phuket then you must explore this place. Also, Phuket is surrounded by numerous attractions which can be easily accessed by self drive car hire Phuket Airport. 

    Why is it important to rent a self drive car for a trip to Phuket?

    1. Flexibility: You have the freedom to explore the island at your own pace. You can visit popular tourist attractions or hidden gems without being tied to a tour group's schedule.

    2. Convenience: You would not have to rely on public transportation or expensive taxis to get around. Having your own vehicle means you can go wherever you want, whenever you want.

    3. Cost-effectiveness: While renting a car incurs a daily fee, it can be more economical than constantly paying for taxis or joining organized tours, especially if you are traveling with a group.

    4. Exploration: Phuket has stunning beaches, scenic viewpoints, and cultural sites scattered across the island. With a rental car, you can easily access these locations, including those off the beaten path.

    5. Comfort: You will have control over the vehicle's air conditioning, music, and seating arrangements, ensuring a comfortable journey for you and your travel companions.

    6. Privacy: Self drive car rental Phuket provides a level of privacy that public transportation or shared tours cannot offer. You can enjoy your trip without having to interact with strangers or travel in a group. You have complete privacy.


    What is the most common rental car in Phuket?
    Most of our customers in Phuket rent economy cars like Honda Fit or similar, but you can choose whatever type of car you need. If you are a couple, you might prefer a smaller car, but if not, you can pick an XUV. It is up to you.

    What is the cost to rent a self drive car in Phuket?
    The price of renting a self drive car in Phuket depends on what kind of car you want and how long you will need it for. You can find out the cost of a particular car by checking out the car4hires website. 

    Is it difficult to drive in Phuket?
    Phuket's streets are crowded, but driving is not too hard because the roads are wide and kept in good condition. Plus, the traffic rules make it easier. Just remember, you have to drive on the left side.

    Can foreigners rent a self drive car in Phuket?
    Yes, lots of people from other countries rent a self drive car from us around Phuket. You can too, no matter where you are from. Just make sure you have these important papers
    - Valid driving license from your home country
    - International Driving Permit(IDP)
    - Original ID proofs. 

    What is the speed limit in Phuket? 
    The speed limit in Phuket, Thailand, depends on the type of road. Generally, it ranges from 50 to 90 kilometers per hour (31 to 56 miles per hour) on highways and main roads, while in urban areas, it is usually around 50 kilometers per hour (31 miles per hour). Always watch for local signs and regulations.

    Can I hire a car for 2 weeks in Phuket?
    Yes, you can hire self drive car in Phuket for 2 weeks or more as per your requirements from Car4Hires. 

    Can I get self drive car at Phuket International Airport?
    We offer great service at Phuket International Airport (HKT) for renting cars. It is really popular for people who want to rent self drive car in Phuket. Just choose to pick up your car at the airport, and we will make sure it is ready for you on time.

    What is the minimum age for renting a self drive car in Phuket?
    Your age should be 21 years or above to rent a self drive car in Phuket.


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