Ashwem Beach: Discover the Best Kept Secret of North Goa

Ashwem beach, also known as Ashvem beach is comparatively less known among tourists. Ashwem beach is one of the few beaches left in Goa that is yet to be discovered by many tourists. This beach has pearly white sand which makes it even more beautiful. Ashvem beach is located in Mandrem, North Goa. This beach is located between Morjim Beach and Mandrem Beach. Ashwem beach is very close to the capital Panaji.

People can see many palm and coconut trees at Ashwem beach. This beach is a hidden gem of North Goa. There are many secluded spots on this beach. This is the best place for people looking for peace. You can relax on the beach and admire the beauty of this place. You can also see many cafes built on this beach. Ashwem beach is an ideal place for swimming and surfing. The resorts located on this beach are known for their meditation and yoga sessions.

Ashwem beach offers a wonderful view of the ocean along with coconut trees, which has further enhanced the beauty of this place. This beach is an ideal place for those looking for a peaceful holiday while enjoying the sun and waves. This beach is very clean and well maintained by the local authorities which makes it more attractive. Ashwem beach is a perfect place to stay, dine and party.

How to Reach Ashwem Beach

Traveling to Ashwem beach can be really tiring as the nearest airport is Dabolim Airport which is about 56 km away from this beach. The distance between Ashwem beach and Panaji is approximately 30 km. The best and comfortable way for every tourist is to rent a self drive car. This will make your journey more comfortable and easy. Car4Hires offers the best self drive rental cars in Goa at very reasonable prices. To reach Ashwem beach, you can rent a self drive car from Car4Hires at Dabolim International Airport. This will save you a lot of time in travelling. With a self drive car, you don't need to wait for the local bus. You can also rent a self drive car in Panaji from car4Hires.  You can easily book your rental car from Car4Hires website and enjoy the best self drive car rental services in Goa.

Best Time to Visit Ashwem Beach

The best time to visit here is between November and February as the weather is very pleasant and the winter season is cold. One can enjoy relaxing holidays under the warm sunshine. During summer, the temperature at this place is very high which is not ideal for relaxing holidays. It is not advisable to visit this beach even during monsoon due to heavy rains.

Best Tourist Places Near Ashwem Beach

If you are at Ashwem beach, you can also take a tour of nearby tourist places in a self drive car. There are some nearby places that you should definitely visit.

* Chapora Fort
* Morjai Temple
* Morjim Beach
* Harmal Beach
* Arambol Mountain

Best Accommodation Near Ashwem Beach

If you are looking for a comfortable stay near Ashwem beach then here are some great option for you.

* Ashvem Beach Resort
* Marbela Beach Resort
* Rococco Ashvem Beach Resort 
* Palm Grove Beach Resort
* La Cabana Beach & Spa

Frequently asked Questions

How to reach Ashwem beach from Goa International Airport?

The distance between Ashwem beach and Goa International Airport is approximately 56 kilometers. The easiest and most comfortable way is to rent a self drive car at the airport. You can rent a self drive car from Car4Hires as they provide excellent car rental services at Goa International Airport.

What is the distance between Panaji and Ashwem beach and how to travel from Panaji to Ashwem Beach?

Ashwem beach is about 30 km from Panaji. One can hire a self drive car to travel from Panaji to Ashwem Beach. Car4Hires offers self drive rental cars at very affordable prices. For easy travel, you can book a self drive car from the Car4Hires website.

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