Best Beach to Visit Near Mopa Airport 

There are many tourist places to visit near Mopa Airport in Goa. There are many beaches, hills, and markets nearby Mopa Airport where you can go during your trip. If you have a plan to visit the Mopa Airport, then you can explore many tourist places nearby Mopa Airport. There are many beaches nearby Mopa Airport. Now we will talk about the most famous place near Mopa Airport that you should visit during your trip.

Arambol Beach

Arambol Beach is the closest beach to Mopa Airport and is located at a distance of around 27 kms from Mopa Airport. Arambol Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in North Goa. This beach attracts many tourists from all over the world. This beach is blessed with golden sand with rocky cliffs which makes the beach more beautiful as compared to other beaches. You will enjoy a distinct Bohemian feel at this beach. You can enjoy many water sports activities at this beach. This beach is quite popular for swimming. Arambol Beach is also perfect for paragliding as well. You can also book a boat ride and go for Dolphin watching.

Arambol Sweet Water Lake

Arambol Beach is one of the most favorite beaches and the reason behind it the Sweet Water Lake at the very end of the beach. This place is accessible only on foot and one has to walk through shops and will pass a small beach to reach here. Once here, You'll be stunned by the beauty of this place. This place is perfect for sunbathing. The soft white sand and clear water is a perfect treat to the travelers. One can take a dip in the calm waters or just sit by the lake and feel relax. This will be the most memorable part of your trip.

Shopping at Arambol Beach

Arambol Beach is very famous for shopping also. There are many shops selling items ranging from daily wear clothes to embroidered clothes. There are many shopkeepers selling  junk jewelry and handcrafts items. 

Arambol Beach Shacks

There are many shacks on Arambol Beach serving delicious food and relaxed vibe. Places like Basho's, Relax Inn, Laughing Buddha serve amazing Goan food. Don't forget to try fresh seafood here. You can spend a whole day and night here chilling with your squads. These beach shacks also serve early morning breakfast. 

Best Time to Visit Arambol Beach

The best time to visit this beach is between November and March. Many local and international tourists visit this beach during this time as the weather here is more pleasant.

How to Reach Arambol Beach

The best and fastest way to reach Arambol Beach is to rent a self drive car. It will make your travel more convenient and hassle-free. 

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