Best Beaches You Must Explore Near Ashwem Beach

North Goa's beaches are known for their peace, clear water, and cleanliness, attracting visitors from all over throughout the year. Ashwem Beach, in the northern part of Goa, is a great example and a perfect spot for a relaxing vacation anytime. Ashwem Beach, also known as Ashvem Beach, is a popular vacation spot in north Goa, near the village of Mandrem in the Pernem district. The beach has several high-end hotels right on the sand, making it one of the best places in the state for a relaxing vacation. Goa's beaches are great for jogging and long walks, and Ashwem is one of the best. Many visitors, especially foreigners, jog and do yoga here in the early morning. You can join them if you like. If you prefer a more relaxed vacation, you can simply sit on the beach or a nearby rock and enjoy the fresh morning air. Ashwem Beach is great for sea bathing because the waves are gentle and the sand is flatter compared to other beaches. However, not all parts of the beach are safe for swimming, so be careful. Most of Ashwem Beach is perfect for playing in the water, but the northern and southern ends have large stones. The northern area also has some slippery spots. This is why coast guards put up red flags in no-swim zones. By following the signs, you can avoid accidents. 
If you are planning to visit Goa and Ashwem Beach then do not forget self drive car rental Ashwem Beach because this beach is surrounded by numerous wonderful beaches and attractions you should not miss. Car rental in Goa will make the trip easy, comfortable, more adventurous, and time-saving for you. Ashwem Beach is surrounded by many beautiful beaches and attractions that are worth visiting. In this blog, we will cover some of the popular beaches you can explore near Ashwem Beach. These nearby beaches offer a variety of experiences, from relaxing on the sand to enjoying exciting water activities. Some of the must-visit beaches near Ashwem include Mandrem Beach, known for its peaceful atmosphere, and Morjim Beach, famous for its turtle nesting sites. You can also visit Arambol Beach, which has a lively vibe and many shops and restaurants. Each of these beaches has its own charm and is just a short drive from Ashwem Beach. So, get ready to discover the best spots around Ashwem Beach.

5 Must-Visit Beaches Near Ashwem Beach

Morjim Beach: It is a beautiful and peaceful place in North Goa. The beach has soft sand and blue water. Tall palm trees line the shore, offering shade and adding to the natural beauty. It is not as crowded as other beaches in Goa, making it a perfect spot for relaxation. One of the main attractions at Morjim Beach is the Olive Ridley turtles. These turtles come to this beach to lay eggs. Visitors can often see baby turtles hatching and making their way to the sea. This is a unique and special experience. The beach is also great for water sports. You can enjoy activities like kite surfing, jet skiing, and paddle boarding. The calm waves make it a safe place for beginners to try these sports. Morjim Beach has many shacks and restaurants. They serve fresh seafood and traditional Goan dishes. You can sit by the sea, enjoy a meal, and watch the sunset. The view is stunning and creates a perfect end to your day. Visiting Morjim Beach is also about experiencing the local culture. The nearby village has a charming and laid-back vibe. You can explore the small shops and interact with friendly locals. Overall, Morjim Beach offers a mix of natural beauty, exciting activities, and a peaceful atmosphere. It is an ideal destination for anyone looking to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.
Where to eat at Morjim Beach
Morjim Beach offers a variety of dining options to serve different tastes. There are many popular dining options where you can experience tasty Goan food. Here are some popular spots where you can enjoy a meal.
- Rainbow Bar & Restaurant
- Tomatos | Seaside Restaurant in Morjim
- Cafe Morjim

Mandrem Beach: Mandrem Beach in Goa is a serene and beautiful spot. The beach is peaceful and not very crowded. This makes it a perfect place for relaxation. You can take long walks along the shore and enjoy the sound of the waves. The sunsets at Mandrem Beach are breathtaking. The sky turns into shades of orange and pink, creating a stunning view. Many tourists love Mandrem Beach for its natural beauty. You can also spot some wildlife, like crabs and sea birds, which adds to the charm of the place. There are small cafes and shacks where you can enjoy delicious Goan food. You can also practice yoga or get a massage on the beach. Visit Mandrem Beach to experience calm and beauty. This is a great place to explore and connect with nature.
Where to eat at Mandrem Beach
Mandrem Beach has many dining options to suit different tastes. You can enjoy delicious Goan food at several popular spots. Here are some well-known places to have a meal.
- Prana Mandrem
- Vailankanni Beach Restaurant
- Waterfront

Chapora Beach: Chapora Beach is a hidden gem in North Goa. It is located near the Chapora Fort, which offers a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea. The beach has a unique charm with its black lava rocks and golden sand. The waves here are gentle, making it a good spot for swimming. One of the main attractions of Chapora Beach is the fishing village nearby. You can see fishermen at work and even join them if you like. The beach is less crowded, so you can enjoy some quiet time. The sunsets are also stunning, with the sky changing colors as the sun sets behind the fort. Chapora Beach is ideal for those who love peace and scenic beauty. It is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.
Where to eat at Chapora Beach
Chapora Beach has many places to eat. You can try tasty Goan food at many popular spots
- House of Chapora
- Sunrise Restaurant
- Welcome Restaurant 

Arambol Beach: Arambol Beach is a popular destination in North Goa. It is known for its lively and bohemian atmosphere. The beach has a long stretch of soft sand and clear blue water. It is perfect for swimming and sunbathing. Many people visit Arambol Beach for its vibrant beach market. You can find unique jewelry, clothes, and souvenirs here. Arambol Beach is also famous for its music and dance scene. You can join drum circles and watch live performances on the beach. There are many restaurants serving delicious food. The sunsets at Arambol Beach are spectacular. You can watch the sky turn into beautiful shades while enjoying a drink by the sea. Visit Arambol Beach to experience its lively and colorful vibe. It is a great place to have fun and meet new people.
Where to eat at Arambol Beach
You can find lots of places to eat at Arambol Beach. Enjoy yummy Goan food at well-known restaurants.
- This is it Beachfront
- Welcome Arambol Beach Shack
- Blue Sea view

Querim Beach: Querim Beach, also known as Keri Beach, is the northernmost beach in Goa. It is a quiet and beautiful place with golden sand and blue water. The beach is surrounded by tall pine trees, adding to its natural beauty. Querim Beach is not very crowded, so you can enjoy a peaceful time here. One of the highlights of Querim Beach is the Terekhol River, which flows into the sea here. You can take a boat ride on the river and explore the mangroves. The beach is also great for picnics and beach sports. There are a few shacks where you can enjoy local Goan food and drinks. Querim Beach is perfect for those who love nature and tranquility. It is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the beauty of Goa.
Where to eat at Querim Beach
There are many places to eat at Querim Beach. You can have delicious Goan food at famous spots.
- Sea Face Beach Shack
- Dolphin Shack
- Ajoba Restaurant

Thing need to remember before visiting Ashwem Beach in Goa

- The ideal time to visit Ashwem Beach is from November to February when the weather is pleasant. Avoid the monsoon season as heavy rains can hinder your plans.

- Choose self drive car rental Ashwem Beach as your travel partner because it will let you explore the beauty of the whole place very easily, You need not rely on cabs and public transport, just pick the car and drive straight to your destination.

- Book your stay in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons. Ashwem Beach has various accommodations ranging from budget stays to luxury resorts.

- Book car rental in Goa in advance. It can be difficult to find vehicles in peak seasons so it is advised to book your vehicle before the trip.

- Pay attention to beach safety warnings and swim only in designated areas. The sea can be unpredictable, and lifeguards may not always be present.

- Bring sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses to protect yourself from the strong sun. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

- Try the local Goan cuisine at the beach shacks. Fresh seafood is a must-try.

- Carry some cash as not all places may accept credit/debit cards. There are ATMs nearby, but it is better to be prepared in advance.

- Keep the beach clean by disposing of trash properly. Avoid using single-use plastics and follow any local guidelines for environmental conservation.


Why is Ashwem Beach famous?
Ashwem Beach is known for its peaceful and calm surroundings, making it a great place to relax away from busy tourist areas. The beach has clean white sand, clear water, and beautiful palm trees. This beach is not very crowded, so it is perfect for relaxing. Surfers love it here, and there are many nice beachside cafes and small resorts to enjoy.

Is Ashwem beach crowded?
No, Ashwem Beach is not usually crowded. It is known for its peaceful and calm atmosphere, making it an ideal spot for those looking to relax away from the busier tourist areas.

Is Ashwem Beach safe for swimming?
Yes, Ashwem Beach is generally safe for swimming. The waters are relatively calm, making it suitable for swimmers. However, it is always important to be cautious and aware of local conditions and any warnings from lifeguards or signs on the beach.

Which airport is nearest to Ashwem Beach?
The nearest airport to Ashwem Beach is Dabolim Airport (GOI).

Can I hire a self drive car at Dabolim Airport? 
Yes, you can hire a self drive car at Dabolim Airport. Just select Dabolim Airport as your pick-up location when making the booking and you will get the car at your scheduled time.

Can I find water sports activities at Ashwem Beach?
Ashwem Beach is not as busy as other beaches in Goa, so there may not be many water sports available. However, you might still find some basic activities. For more options, visit nearby beaches like Arambol or Baga.

What is the cost of hiring self drive car at Ashwem Beach? 
Prices can vary based on the type of vehicle and the rental duration. It is recommended to call us at 7528904589 to check the specific pricing and availability that suits your needs.

Are there restaurants or shacks on Ashwem Beach?
Yes, Ashwem Beach has many restaurants and beach shacks that serve tasty local Goan food, seafood, and international dishes. Some of them are famous for their special atmosphere and sea views.

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