Kakolem Beach: Most Isolated Beach in South Goa

Kakolem Beach is a secluded and beautiful beach in Goa. It is located about 7 km from Cabo de Rama beach in South Goa. Kakolem Beach has two waterfalls which make it unique compared to other beaches. This beach is a paradise for all nature lovers. Kakolem Beach is also known as Tiger Beach.

Kakolem is one of the least crowded beaches of Goa and an ideal place for relaxation. This beach is one of the most natural beaches of Goa. On this beach you can completely relax while enjoying nature. This beach is an ideal place for those looking for some relaxing time away from the crowd and hustle and bustle. Kakolem Beach is hidden among high cliffs and shady coconut trees.

The beach is mostly secluded and deserted and there is not much activity to do for tourists, however the beach is a wonderful place for adventure lovers and explorers. There is only one accommodation for tourists on the entire beach. This beach offers spectacular views to everyone who visits here. This beautiful beach would be a perfect destination for a newly married couple. This beach will provide them with the privacy they need during their holiday. Therefore this is the best place for honeymooners.

If you are looking for an isolated beach in Goa then Kakolem Beach ia a best option for you. Here is a detailed information to guide you if you are planning to visit this beach :

How to Reach Kakolem Beach -
Reaching Kakolem Beach is quite a difficult part which makes it unique. The beach is located in a secluded area, so there are no buses available here. You can reach this place using personal transport. For every tourist, self drive rental car is the best option to visit this beach. Car4Hires provides the best self drive car rental services in many areas of Goa. You can rent a self drive car from Car4Hires to visit this beautiful beach. Kakolem beach is 31 km from Margoa and 60 km from Panaji city. You can hire a self drive car from Margao Railway Station or Car4Hires in Panaji to reach this beach.

Best Time to Visit Kakolem Beach -
The ideal time to visit this beach is in winter from November to February as during this time the temperatures are low and the weather is very cool. This is the perfect time to plan a trip to Goa. Summers and monsoons are not recommended for planning a trip to Goa.

Things to do in Kakolem beach -
Kakolem beach is an isolated beach with very few tourists. There are no shops or shacks nearby except one that provides food and drinks. There are 1-2 basic cabins for accommodation. But this place is best for those who want to spend private holidays amidst nature. So here is a list of things that you can do to enjoy your vacation at this beach:

1. Relax and Relax   The best thing you can do here is relax on the beach and enjoy its tranquil atmosphere. You can spend some quality time with your family, friends or partner here. You can also carry games like beach ball, disc etc. to make your holidays more entertaining.

2. Take a bath in the waterfalls   Since there are two waterfalls on this beach you can take a bath in the fresh water of the waterfalls.

3. Play in the water   The sea is too calm to take a dip. Don't go too far into the sea, as there are no lifeguards around.

4. Enjoy Nature   There is a lot of greenery on this beach so you can enjoy the beauty of nature at this place. There are small crabs, shells and other mollusks on the rocks.

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