Kalacha Beach: A Picturesque Beach in North Goa

Kalacha Beach is the most picturesque beach in North Goa. Kalacha Beach is located south of Querim Beach. Kalacha Beach can be reached on foot from Arambol Beach. Kalacha Beach is also known as Paliem Beach. This beach is one of the unexploited beaches of Goa.

Kalacha Beach is famous for its sweet water lagoon. A hilltop near Kalacha beach is famous for paragliding. This beach offers the most serene environment to its visitors. This beach can be an ideal spot for people looking for peace and privacy during their trip.

Kalacha is one of the pollution free beaches, that is why this beach looks very clean and beautiful. Many music sessions often take place around open-air fires and it becomes an extraordinary place to meet different travelers.

Kalacha Beach is truly far away from the hassles of traders and huge tourist gatherings. You can see many exotic birds, monkeys among the tropical foliage around the lake. This beach offers a serene relaxation to the tourists.

If you are planning your next trip to Kalacha Beach, here is a detailed information to guide you:

How to reach Kalacha Beach -
Panaji is about 42 kilometers from Kalacha Beach. Renting a self drive car is the best and fastest option if you want to reach Kalacha Beach. Car4Hires offers the best self drive car rental services in Goa at very reasonable prices. You can simply visit Car4Hires website to book your self drive car as we provide a very user-friendly website to our customers.

Best time to visit Kalacha Beach -
The best time to visit Kalacha Beach is between November and March as the weather is very pleasant during this period. Try to avoid visiting this beach during monsoon due to heavy rains, as it can spoil your trip. The temperature at this place is also very high in summer so we do not recommend visiting this place during summer season.

Water Sports at Kalacha Beach -
If you are an adventure seekers then you can indulge in water sports activites at Kalacha Beach to make your trip more enjoyable. The popular water sports you can try at this beach are Paragliding and Hang Gliding.

Best Places to Visit Near Kalacha Beach -
There are some tourist places near Kalacha Beach that you can visit after a short drive in a self-drive rental car. Here is a list of the best places you should visit near Kalacha:

* Arambol Mountain
* Chapora Fort
* Arambol Beach
* Mount Carmel Church

Frequently Asked Question

Is Kalacha Beach close to Arambol Beach?
Yes, Kalacha Beach is very close to Arambol Beach. It can be reached on foot from Arambol Beach. You can rent a self drive car for Arambol Beach from Car4Hires so that you can also visit Kalacha Beach and nearby tourist places.

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