Talpona Beach: One of the Remote Beaches in South Goa

Talpona Beach is a remote beach located in the Canacona region of South Goa. It is located near the Galgibaga Beach and Rajbag Beach. Talpona Beach ias one of the few beaches in Goa which is not visited by many tourists. The beach is about one kilometer stretch of golden sand and situtated at the mouth of the Talpona River.

Talpona Beach is framed by many palm trees and pine groves. This beach is ideal place for people looking for complete isolation for their holiday. This sea has very quiet and calm environment. One can easily enjoy a peaceful day at this beach.

Galgibaga Beach is one of the nearest beaches to Talpona Beach. As it is a peaceful beach, that why it is a resting ground for many birds. You will see a variety of bird species resting by the Talpona River. 

The Talpona Beach is closed with woody capes and headlands from both sides. The water of the sea is very crystal clear. Talpona Beach is perfect for those seeking solitude and it is not a place if you are looking for water sports or other beach activities.

Here is a detailed information about Talpona Beach that will help you plan your next trip here :

How to Reach Talpona Beach -
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Best Time to Visit Talpona Beach -
The best time to visit any beach in Goa is from November to March as the weather remains pleasant during the winter season. In summer, the temperatures in Goa are very high so it is not a good time to plan a beach holiday. Monsoon is also not recommended due to high water levels in the sea.

Tourist Places to Visit Near Talpona Beach -
If you are in Talpona Beach, you can also visit some of the nearby tourist spots by renting a self drive car from Car4Hires. To visit these tourist places, one will just have to drive a short distance from Talpona Beach. These tourist places are:

* Cabo de Rama Fort
* Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary

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