Tiracol Fort: Most Visited Fort in Goa

Tiracol Fort is located on the northern tip of Goa, across the Tiracol River from Querim Beach in North Goa. Tirakol Fort is also known as Terekhol Fort. Tiracol Fort is around 42 km away from Panaji. Tiracol is an old fort of the 17th century and was built by the Maratha king Sawant Bhosle.

This ancient fort is the most visited tourist spot in Goa. People can reach this fort through boats which can be taken from Querim. Tiracol Fort stands tall and proud on the hilltop at the confluence of the Tiracol River with the Arabian Sea.

Tiracol Fort was once an important part of the sea defense of the Portuguese colonialists. Today this fort has been transformed into a wonderful boutique hotel. There is so much greenery around this fort which makes it even more beautiful. There are many lovely views to take pictures for memories.

The fort is situated at the confluence of the river and the Arabian Sea on top of a hotel. There is a small mangrove area you can visit, which is home to many birds and crocodiles. If you are visiting Tiracol Fort, you must have a delicious meal at Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel. You can also visit the beaches around Tiracol Fort.

Here is detailed information about Tirakol Fort to guide you in planning your next visit:

How To Reach Tiracol Fort
The fastest way to reach this fort is by road. Private transport is the best option to visit this fort. If you are a tourist, renting a self drive car is the best and suitable option. You can easily visit this fort and its surrounding tourist places by self drive car.

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Best Time To Visit Tiracol Fort
The best time to plan a trip to Goa is from November to February as the weather here is cool and breezy. Summers are not suitable for planning a trip to Goa as the temperatures are very high.

The best time to visit Tiracol Fort during the day is in the morning or evening when the sun is not overhead. You can also enjoy sunrise and sunset in this fort.

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