Utorda Beach: Best Beach in Goa For Solitude

Utorda Beach is one of the most quitest beaches in South Goa. This beach is located at a distance of about 10 kilometers. From Margao. Utorda Beach is located between Majorda and Arossim Beach. Utorda Beach is visited by a very few number of tourists every year. People come to this place to relax and refresh themselves.

Utorda Beach is the most cleanesta and gorgeous beach in the area. This beach is blessed by soft golden sands and fantastic palm vegetation. This beach is visited by very few tourist even during the peak season, so it is a best place for people want a private beach holiday. Newly wed couples or honeymooners visit this place to spend some private moments. 

Utorda Beach also offers many water sports activities to make your holiday at this beach a memorable one. This beach is perfect for swimming also. This beach is popular for dolphin rides and fishing trips. There are several shacks on the beach offering mouthwatering dishes.

How to Reach Utorda Beach -
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Best Time to Visit Utorda Beach -
The best time to visit this place is from November to March as it is the peak season in Goa. The weather is also wonderful during these months. It is not advisable to plan a trip to Goa in summer as the temperatures are very high during this season. Monsoon brings heavy rainfall, so they are also not advised to plan a trip to Goa.

Places to Stay Near Utorda Beach -
If you are looking for a place to stay near Utorda Beach, here is a list of best places for a comfort stay near the beach:

* ITC Grand Goa
* Kenilworth Resort & Spa
* Casale Majorda
* Royal Orchid Beach Resort & Spa
* Planet Hollywood Beach Resort

Places to Eat Near Utorda Beach -
If you are at Utorda Beach then here is a list of places where you can eat delicious food:

* The Palms
* Balton s
* Zeebop by the Sea

Shopping at Utorda Beach -
Utorda Beach is also one of the famous beaches of South Goa for its market. There are many shops and hawkers along the beach who sell many items. You can expect to find things like beachwear, handicrafts and trinkets here.

You can also taste the famous Goan drinks at the local shops in the market. The most popular drink is made from cashew nuts and coconut. You can also buy cashew nuts from this market which is another popular thing to buy here.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Utorda Beach close to Dabolim International Airport and how to reach Utorda Beach from there?
Yes, Utorda Beach is close to Dabolim International Airport, located at a distance of approximately 14 km from the airport. To reach this beach you can rent a self drive car from Car4Hires at Dabolim Airport.

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