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Car4Hires is one of the most prominent and largest online car rental service providers in the world, arranging over 3 million rentals a year in more than 180 countries. Car4Hires was launched with the objective of providing world"s class service to their customers.

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    Overview to Malta
    A fascinating heritage awaits the visitors of the Maltese Islands, located in the Mediterranean Sea south of Sicily. Malta is an island full of fascinating treasures for such a small island. We have breathtaking ancient sites, charming cities, and beautiful beaches just to name a few. Modern travelers can create lasting memories in this enchanted place, which has attracted adventurers for centuries. No matter what tourists are looking for, Malta certainly offers something for everyone, whether it's relaxing by the sea, sampling Mediterranean dishes, or discovering a romantic piece of history. You can experience this all with Malta car hire services and drive yourself wherever you want.  

    What do you know about connectivity in Malta?
    Traveling around Malta is easy thanks to its small size and you will not need much time to explore it. The public transportation system in Malta is characterized by a modern, relatively cheap, and reliable system of route buses, high-quality taxi services, and other modes of transportation. Nowadays, Malta has only a route bus system for public transportation. In Sliema and St. Julian's area, at major bus stations, and in proximity to popular hotels and tourist resorts, taxi stands are located outside Malta International Airport, at City Gate in Valletta, outside the cruise liner terminal, and the City Gate in Valletta. You should rent a car from Malta car hire services in Malta if you want to discover everything the island has to offer.

    What are the best car rentals in Malta?
    Renting self-drive cars is what we do at Car4Hires. If you are in Malta, we are sure to be able to accommodate your car rental preference. We guarantee the best deals for our customers on this website since you are booking directly with us. During your stay on the island of Malta, you can rent a wide variety of cars from our large fleet. It is our pleasure to assist you in all your needs during your stay in Malta when you rent a car from us. You can rely on friendly and efficient service from us. Car4hires is the best place to hire a self drive car!

    Things to do in Malta 
    The palm-tree fringed landscape around Malta is dotted with picturesque hilltop towns, peaceful seaports, colorful old fishing villages, and natural attractions. Valletta, Malta's capital is the ideal place to explore the island. A variety of hotels, restaurants, cultural events, and historical sites are available in Valletta for visitors. Make sure you do not miss a single place in Malta by pre-booking a self-drive from car4hires. The Citadella is a magnificent specimen of prehistoric construction that may be found on the island of Gozo and inside the city of Victoria. Comino, a small island known for having the Blue Lagoon, is a favorite among surfers, divers, and people looking for a day vacation to get away from it all. Hurry up and browse all you can!


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