Best Beaches You Should Visit From Arambol

Arambol is a beautiful coastal village in North Goa. It is known for its stunning beaches, beautiful sceneries, and pleasant atmosphere. The main attraction here is Arambol Beach. It has golden sands and clear blue water. The beach is perfect for having fun, sunbathing, and enjoying the beautiful sunsets that paint the sky with vibrant colors. One of the best things about Arambol is its relaxed vibe. The beach is dotted with cozy shacks where you can enjoy delicious Goan food and fresh seafood. The sound of the waves and the gentle sea breeze make it a perfect place to unwind and forget all your worries. Arambol is also close to several interesting attractions. The Sweet Water Lake is just a short walk from the main beach. It is a hidden paradise surrounded by lush greenery. You can also visit Arambol Mountain, which offers breathtaking views of the coastline and the Arabian Sea. To fully enjoy the trip and explore all these beautiful places without any restrictions, it is suggested to go with self drive car rental Arambol. Car rental Arambol provides the freedom to travel at your own pace and visit all the nearby attractions comfortably. There are a lot of beautiful beaches near Arambol that will make your trip extra special. Mandrem Beach is known for its scenic beauty and calm natural surroundings. It is the best place to relax in the sun. There is also Ashwem Beach near Arambol which is famous for its wide sandy stretch and stunning views. It is less crowded compared to other beaches, making it perfect for a quiet day by the sea. Another must-visit beach near Arambol is Morjim beach. This beach is also called "Turtle Beach" because it is a nesting site for Olive Ridley turtles. In short, Arambol and its nearby beaches offer a wonderful holiday experience. In this blog we will explore the nearby beaches and attractions you should visit.

5 Must-Visit Beaches Near Arambol

Arambol Beach: It is a stunning and popular beach in North Goa. It is known for its calm and beautiful surroundings. It has a long stretch of golden sand lined with coconut trees and beach shacks where you can enjoy tasty Goan food. A special feature of Arambol Beach is the freshwater lake nearby. Surrounded by green plants, this lake is a quiet place for visitors to relax. Arambol Beach is also known for its lively nightlife. There are live music shows, dance performances, and beach parties that keep the area buzzing. The relaxed atmosphere and friendly local people make it a popular spot for those who want a peaceful experience. Whether you are there to enjoy the serene beach, explore the freshwater lake, or join in the vibrant nightlife, Arambol Beach offers something for everyone. 

Querim Beach: It is also called Keri Beach. It is a peaceful and lesser-known spot in North Goa, close to the Maharashtra border. This beach is one of the quieter places in Goa, making it perfect for people who want to avoid crowds. Querim Beach has a long stretch of clean sand and clear blue water, making it very beautiful. One of the unique things about Querim Beach is the Tiracol River, which flows into the Arabian Sea here. This creates a lovely view and a nice place to relax. Visitors can also visit the historic Tiracol Fort, which is nearby. The fort offers amazing views of the coastline and is a great place to explore. It is proffered to explore with your own car or with self drive car rental Arambol because there is a lot to explore and the routes are scenic which will give you the extra fun. The calm and natural beauty of Querim Beach makes it an ideal spot for relaxing. You can walk along the beach, enjoy the scenery, or simply sit and unwind. It is a great place to take a break from the busy parts of Goa.

Mandrem Beach: Mandrem Beach is a lovely, calm beach in North Goa. It has clean, soft white sand that feels nice to walk on. This beach is quieter than other busy beaches in Goa, making it a perfect place to relax. There are lots of green plants and trees around Mandrem Beach, and a small creek runs through it, adding to its beauty. Many people who love yoga and wellness come here. There are several resorts and centers where you can take yoga classes and get special health treatments. The waves at Mandrem Beach are gentle, and the water is shallow, so it is safe for swimming. The peaceful atmosphere and natural beauty of Mandrem Beach make it a great spot to unwind and feel refreshed. If you want to get away from the noise and crowds, Mandrem Beach is the perfect place to enjoy some quiet time and rejuvenate.

Ashvem Beach: Ashvem Beach is a beautiful spot in North Goa. It has a long stretch of golden sand and lovely views. The beach is not as crowded as other popular beaches, so it is perfect for a peaceful day by the sea. You will find stylish beach shacks and restaurants here, offering fresh seafood and tasty Goan dishes. People come to Ashvem Beach to relax and enjoy the calm atmosphere. You can sunbathe, swim, or take long walks along the shore. The beach is known for its laid-back vibe and stunning sunsets, making it a favorite for both tourists and locals. Whether you want to enjoy a quiet day by the sea or explore the local food, Ashvem Beach has something for everyone.

Morjim Beach: It is also known as "Little Russia" due to the significant number of Russian tourists. It is a beautiful and calm beach in North Goa. The beach is famous for being a nesting site for Olive Ridley turtles, and visitors can often see these turtles during the nesting season. Morjim Beach features soft white sand, clear waters, and lush greenery. The beach is also a popular spot for water sports like kite surfing and other. Numerous beach shacks and restaurants offer a variety of cuisines, including Russian and Goan dishes. The tranquil environment and natural beauty of Morjim Beach make it a great destination for relaxation and recreation. 

The Most Exciting Things to Do in Arambol in 2024

Relax on the Beach: Arambol is famous for its relaxed vibe and lovely sandy beach. You can have a great time relaxing in the sun, swimming, or just enjoying the peaceful surroundings. It is a perfect place to unwind and feel the peace, with plenty of space to enjoy on the beach and soak in the calm atmosphere.

Explore Sweet Water Lake: Next to Arambol Beach, there is a lake called Sweet Water Lake, also known as Lake Arambol. This lake has fresh water that is calm and peaceful, perfect for swimming and relaxing in the natural surroundings. It is a quiet place where you can enjoy the water and the beauty of nature.

Paragliding: Do not forget to feel the excitement of paragliding above Arambol's beautiful coastline. This thrilling adventure lets you soar high above the beach and see amazing views of the Arabian Sea from the sky. It is a favorite activity for those who love unforgettable thrilling experiences.

Yoga and Meditation: Arambol is a hub for yoga and spiritual activities. Many travelers come here to attend yoga sessions, meditation sessions, and wellness workshops offered by local centers.

Drum Circles and Sunset Views: Do not miss the famous drum circles that take place on Arambol Beach during sunset. It is a unique cultural experience where locals and tourists gather to enjoy music, dance, and the sunset.

Visit the Shiva Face Cliff: A short hike from Arambol Beach leads to a cliff face that resembles Lord Shiva's face. It is a sacred spot for both locals and visitors, offering panoramic views of the coastline.

Try Water Sports: Enjoy various water sports activities such as jet skiing, banana boat rides, and windsurfing, which are available on Arambol Beach.

Explore the Flea Market: Arambol hosts a vibrant flea market where you can shop for clothing, jewelry, handicrafts, and souvenirs. It is a great place to mingle with locals and other travelers.

Attend Live Music and Cultural Events: Arambol Beach hosts live music performances, cultural events, and beach parties that add to the vibrant atmosphere of the area.


Why is Arambol famous?
Arambol Beach in Goa is famous because it is relaxed and beautiful. Many backpackers and artists like it for its hippie vibe and peaceful beaches. You can do fun things like surfing and paragliding there. It is surrounded by many famous attractions and calm natural beauty that is loved by people.

What is the best time to visit Arambol?
The best time to visit Arambol Beach is from November to February when the weather is cool and dry.

Are there beachfront hotels in Arambol?
Yes, Arambol Beach in Goa offers several beachfront hotels and resorts that provide direct access to the sandy shores and beautiful views of the Arabian Sea. Here are some famous beachfront hotels in Arambol, Goa
- Lotus Sutra Resort
- Mariners Bay Beach Resort Arambol
- Oceano Beach Resort Goa
- TP Beach Resort

What is the best way to explore Arambol?
The best way to explore Arambol is self drive car rental in Goa. This gives you the freedom to visit places like Arambol Mountain, and Basilica of Bom Jesus, and enjoy activities like surfing and Arambol Sweet Water Lake at your own pace. You can easily access nearby beaches and attractions without depending on public transport schedules. It is convenient and allows you to explore offbeat spots that might not be reachable without car rental Arambol.

How much does a self drive car cost in Arambol?
Renting a self drive car in Arambol can vary depending on the type of car and the rental period. It is advisable to us at 7528904589 for specific pricing details, as we can provide accurate information based on your preferences and rental duration.

Is Arambol Beach safe for swimming?
Arambol Beach is generally safe for swimming during the tourist season, which is from November to March. The waters are calmer and more suitable for swimming during this time. However, it is always advisable to check local conditions and follow any warnings from lifeguards regarding currents or other hazards, especially during the monsoon season when the sea can be rougher.

What are some local dishes or foods I must try in Arambol?
In Arambol, you should try these local delicious dishes

1. Kingfish: Fresh seafood like kingfish is a must-try in Arambol. It is often grilled or cooked in Goan spices.

2. Sorpotel: A traditional Goan pork dish made with vinegar and spices, sorpotel is known for its rich and spicy flavors.

3. Bebinca: This famous Goan dessert is a layered pudding made with coconut milk, flour, sugar, and ghee.

4. Fish Curry Rice: Enjoy a delicious meal of fish curry served with steamed rice, a popular and simple dish in Goan cuisine.

5. Bread and Sausage: Influenced by Portuguese cuisine, this dish includes sausage stuffed into a soft bread roll, often enjoyed as a quick snack.

Are there any water sports activities available at Arambol Beach?
Yes, you can enjoy water sports at Arambol Beach, like paragliding, kite surfing, and paddleboarding. The activities may change depending on the season and weather.

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