Bogmalo Beach: Popular Beach Near Dabolim Airport

Bogmalo Beach is a perfect destination for those who want to spend time enjoying the peaceful surroundings. This beach is perfect for family picnics. Bogmalo Beach is just 4 km from Dabolim Airport and 9 km from Vasco da Gama

Swimming is one of the popular activities here. There are several beach stall where you can buy fashionable clothes, shoes, bags, handicrafts, beach wears and almost everything you want. 

Bogmalo Beach is a perfect place for relaxed gatherings. There are many beach restaurants where you can try mouthwatering food. You can find a variety of food from seafood to Italian and continental to authentic Indian cuisines. 

There are many coconut and palm trees at Bogmalo beach. People who want to enjoy a private beach holiday in Goa, then Bogmalo beach ia a best place for them. You can enjoy beach games like frisbee and beach volleyball on this beach. 

Bogmalo Beach is also famous for its nightlife and luxurious accommodations. There are many good nightclubs near Bogmalo where you can enjoy full night with your squads. 

If you want to visit Bogmalo Beach then here is a detailed information to guide you :

How to Reach Bogmalo Beach
If you want to visit  Bogmalo Beach then you can hire a self drive car in Vasco de Gama. Self drive car is a best option for every tourist. Car4Hires provide self drive cars in Vasco de Gama and other areas of Goa. You can hire a self drive car from Car4Hires in Vasco and wnjoy the best car rental services in Goa

Best Time to Visit Bogmalo Beach
The best time to visit Bogmalo Beach is in winters from December to February. The weather here is very pleasant during this time so you can enjoy sunbathing, family picnics and relaxing on the beach side. 

Water Sports at Bogmalo Beach
Bogmalo Beach offers many water sports activities that you can enjoy for a fun-filled vacation at the beach. Some of the top activities that you can enjoy here are -

* Snorkeling
* Windsurfing
* Parasailing
* Jet-Skiing
* Swimming
* Scuba Diving

Places to Eat at Bogmalo Beach
Here is a list of some places where you can eat delicious food when you are at Bogmalo beach. These places are -

* Claudi's Corner
* Dom's Sea Cuisine
* Joe's Bar and Restaurant
* Joets Guest House
* SWINg! By the Bay

Places to Stay Near Bogmalo Beach
After a day full of fun and enjoyment, our body needs some rest and comfort. So if you want to stay near Bogmalo Beach then here are three best options for you to check out:

* Coconut Creek Resort
* Bogmalo Beach Resort
* Stone Water Eco Resort

Nightlife at Bogmalo Beach
There are several clubs and pubs near Bogmalo beach to make your night more interesting with music, dance and drinks. Some of the best are-

* Lobby Label
* Sunset Bar
* Full Moon Bar
* Gazebo
* Ruby Bar

Frequently Asked Question

What is the distance between Bogmalo beach and Dabolim International Airport and how to reach Bogmalo from  Dabolim Airport? 
Bogmalo beach is around 4 km from Dabolim Airport. The best way to reach here is to hire a self drive car at the airport. You can hire your self drive car from Car4Hires. We provide best car rental services at Dabolim Airport

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