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Chandigarh is the first planned city in India. Chandigarh is not just only the capital of Haryana and Punjab but also a union territory itself. It means it is directly governed by the Central Government of India. Chandigarh is also known as "The City Beautiful" because of its cleanliness and beautiful nature. Chandigarh attracts countless travelers from different places of the world. Chandigarh has numerous places to visit including historical places, zoos, water parks, lakes, gardens, and many more. Also, there are a lot of beautiful places nearby Chandigarh like Morni Hills, Kasauli, Shimla, Uttrakhand, and many more. If you are planning to visit Chandigarh or visit anywhere from Chandigarh, it is best to choose self drive car rental Chandigarh for a hassle-free trip. Self drive car allows you to plan your journey as you want. You need not depend on the fixed schedules of public transportation. You will have your own vehicle to explore the Chandigarh and other locations freely. Cabs are very expensive to explore multiple locations and you can also skip the waiting time for cabs. Self drive car hire Chandigarh is the most comfortable and convenient option for your trip and visit. 

Top Tips For Renting A Car In Chandigarh

1. Chandigarh is full of amazing attractions and fantastic sights to explore and it is probably among the most exciting cities in India. Explore everything in the capital of Haryana and Punjab and rent a car for freedom, flexibility, and privacy. A self drive rental car in Chandigarh will not only allow you to reach all attractions in Chandigarh easily, including Sukhna Lake, Rock Garden, Rose Garden, Zoo, and Waterparks but will also allow you to explore the very beautiful border areas of Chandigarh like Kasuli, Shimla, Uttrakhand, and many more.

2. Pick up your rental car conveniently from the pickup location you provided and drive directly to your destination. Just let the car provider know that you are arriving at that time and keep my car ready at the pickup location. Get the phone number of the driver who is appointed to give you the car.

3. Check for any existing damage or dents on the car and let the driver know about them. Click their photographs for your safety and convenience and get your car. 

4. Chandigarh is a very busy city with a lot of traffic but the roads there are very well maintained and wide with good infrastructure, so you should not worry about traffic. But follow the speed limit of Chandigarh and all the safety rules as it is strictly followed in the city.

5. Always keep in mind that Chandigarh strictly follows all traffic rules. Always carry a valid driving license with you. Also, there are dedicated lanes on roads for buses and cycles. Always keep an eye on the signboards to avoid any offense related to traffic rules.

6. Book your rental car in Chandigarh at least 2 days before your trip to get the desired vehicle. You will also get a fair price when you book in advance. 

7. Be careful to return the vehicle within the specific time period to the drop-off location. Confirm with the driver that the vehicle did not sustain any damage from you to avoid any further problems.

Places to go in Chandigarh: 

1. Sukhna Lake: Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh is a beautiful place where people go to relax and enjoy nature. It is like a big, peaceful pond surrounded by trees and greenery. People often come here for walks, picnics, or to sit and watch the sunset. The lake is artificial, which means it was made by people, but it looks very natural. You can see birds swimming in the water and sometimes even spot ducks or swans. There is a nice path all around the lake where you can walk or jog. Many families visit on weekends, bringing snacks to share and playing games together. It offers many fun activities like boating, camel riding, and rides. 

2. Rock Garden: The Rock Garden in Chandigarh is a special place made entirely out of waste materials. It is like a magical world where you can see sculptures, pathways, and structures all made from things like broken bangles, tiles, and discarded bottles. Nek Chand, a government official, started building it secretly in 1957, using his creativity and passion. The garden grew over the years, and when authorities discovered it in 1975, they were amazed and decided to support it.

Today, the Rock Garden is a popular tourist spot, attracting visitors from all over the world. You can wander through its maze-like pathways, discovering hidden nooks and crannies adorned with colorful sculptures and artwork. It is a beautiful example of how something unwanted can be transformed into something extraordinary, showing the power of creativity and recycling. A visit to the Rock Garden is not just enjoyable but also inspiring, reminding us of the beauty that can emerge from unexpected places.

3. Rose Garden: The Rose Garden in Chandigarh is a beautiful park filled with thousands of colorful roses. It is like a big flower paradise! People from all over visit to see the stunning varieties of roses. You can stroll along the neat pathways, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy the sweet fragrance of the flowers. The garden is not just about roses; there are also many other plants and trees, making it a peaceful escape from the busy city life. Families often come here for picnics, children play around happily, and couples enjoy romantic walks. During special events, the garden lights up with even more charm. It is a perfect spot to relax, unwind, and appreciate the beauty of nature. So, if you ever find yourself in Chandigarh, do not forget to visit the Rose Garden and feel yourself in its floral environment!

4. Funcity: Funcity in Chandigarh is among the biggest waterpark in the North that offers various fun places where people go to have a great time. It is like a big playground with lots of exciting things to do. Some rides go up and down, round and round, and some that make you feel like you are flying! You can also splash around in water slides and pools to cool off on hot days. For those who like games, there are plenty of them to play, from shooting hoops to winning prizes. And when you get hungry, there are tasty snacks and treats to munch on. Funcity is a place where families and friends come together to laugh, play, and make wonderful memories. So if you're looking for a day full of fun and laughter, Funcity in Chandigarh is the place to be!

5. Zoo: Mahendra Chaudhary Zoological Park, located near Chandigarh, is a special place where you can see many different animals from all around the world. It is like a big home for them. The park is a nice place to visit with your family or friends. You can see big animals like lions, tigers, and elephants, as well as smaller ones like monkeys and birds. The park is designed to be like the natural habitats of these animals, so they feel comfortable and happy. There are also beautiful gardens and pathways where you can walk and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. It is a great place to learn about animals and their habitats while having fun. Many people visit the zoo to see the animals up close and to spend a relaxing day outdoors.

Here the list has just started, Chandigarh offers many other tourist spots that are very famous among people including Elante Mall, Sector 17 Market, Gedi Route, Japanese Garden, Government Museum, International Dools Museum, Pinjore Gardens, Mansa Devi Temple, ISKCON Chandigarh and so on. So Chandigarh will be the best place to plan a trip this weekend. To explore the beautiful city choose the car rental Chandigarh for a convenient and comfortable trip. 


Which car should I hire for self drive in Chandigarh?
It depends on your needs, if there are more than 5 travelers then you should book a 7 seater car otherwise you can choose a 5 seater car. It all depends on which car are you looking for. We can provide you with all the cars you are looking for. You can go with any type of car including sedan, hatchback, and XUV. 

What is the speed limit of a self drive car in Chandigarh?
The speed limit for self drive cars in Chandigarh is typically the same as for regular cars, which is usually around 40 to 50 kilometers per hour on city roads and can go up to 70 kilometers per hour on highways. Always pay attention to posted signs for specific limits.

How much does it cost to hire a self drive car in Chandigarh?
The price for car rental Chandigarh varies depending on the car type and season. You can expect different rates based on factors like duration of rental, car model, and any additional services you might need. For the detailed price of your desired car give us a phone call on 7528904589. 

How much is the cost of fuel in Chandigarh?
Today's petrol rate in Chandigarh is  94.24 per liter which may be changing time to time. 

Can I get a self drive can at Chandigarh Airport?
Of course, you can select any location where you want a car, including airports, bus stands, railway stations, and even any specific location. Just tell us where you want and car and you will get it. 

Can I hire a self drive car in Chandigarh for a whole month? 
Yes, you can hire a self drive car in Chandigarh for a whole month or more as you want. You will get the best deals and offers on the car you want. 

What modes of payments are accepted?
You can pay with any payment method including credit card, debit card, net banking, UPI, and cash. You can pay in any mode in which you are flexible. 

Do I need to pay the fine that occurred due to traffic rule violations during my trip?
Yes, you have to pay for the fines. So, always follow the government guidelines and follow all traffic rules to avoid any fines. 

What documents do I need to get a self drive car in Chandigarh?
You should have your original driving license and you have to submit any of your original ID proof to us for security purposes. You will get it back after your trip. 

What if I forgot something in self drive car?
We will do our best to return it back to you. Inform us as soon as possible if you forgot something in our car. Always ensure that none of your belongings are left in the car before returning it. 

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