Travelers, backpackers, and young people want to go to Thailand on honeymoons, for some fun, and relaxation. With its colorful culture, captivating beaches, and dynamic nightlife, I am never disappointed by this beautiful country. When I was last there, I realized that restricting myself to the spectacular beaches of Phuket would be a sin. Thailand's culture can truly be experienced by studying its history, arts, and cuisine, which is only possible when you travel by Bangkok BKK Car Rental services. As young backpackers, we wanted to tick off a big bucket list i.e. dance and party all night. This land of smiles has so much to offer to travelers in this bustling country and can make a short day trip to Chiang Mai.   

There is no secret that Thailand has become a foodie's paradise, and culinary tourism here is booming over time. It is possible to take cooking classes in a variety of kitchens where you get to eat the food you made yourself! The locals enjoy Khao Niaow and Som Tam, a popular dish served with grilled meat. In addition, there is the street food, which is oh so good and Bangkok Car Rental services from Car4Hires will take you all the places! Try learning a few phrases in the local language if you can, as the street food vendors are friendly and ever so attentive to your needs.

One of the most beautiful Thailand tourist attractions is Wat Arun, which should not be missed when traveling to Thailand with Phuket Airport Car Rental services. The early morning sunlight was shining in an isolated corner of Bangkok's Wat Arun when I reflected on how wonderful the world was and how much it was possible to love and treasure. As I walked through the beautiful temple and watched the saffron-clad monks, I felt a great sense of peace and serenity. One of the greatest benefits of Buddhism is connecting with your true self. Thailand, the country with the most Buddhist monasteries in the world, has over forty thousand Buddhist temples. Wat Pho is the other popular Buddhist temple in Bangkok and many other places to visit in Phuket

Still, wondering what to do in Thailand? You should try to attend the Sweet Tamarind Fair, the Mae Hong Son Winter Feast, and the Nakhon Sawan Chinese New Year. Among them, the Chiang Mai Flower Festival and Loi Krathong are the most popular. Each February, Chiang Mai is awash with vibrant flowers. Their beauty and fragrance fill the entire city with an unforgettable scent, and the enchanting Loi Krathong festival in November is celebrated all across Thailand. You can never miss a festival with Chiang Mai Airport Car Rental services.

When you know how to bargain, you can find all kinds of fake and real designer wares here at shockingly low prices. For the shopaholic person Night, Bazaar of Chiang Mai is a paradise. This country is a dreamy destination to visit once in a lifetime with Car4Hires.

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