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    Thailand is most visited country of Asia. Known for its cultural, natural and historical diversity, it is one of the most popular holiday destinations of the world. Its great tropical climate and huge geographical diversity makes it different from all other destinations. You can walk through thick jungle or enjoy a relaxing sun bath at pristine beaches or enjoy swimming or just walking through crystal blue waters everything in Thailand is available for everyone and for every wallet. Once you reach Thailand you have a long of list of things to do and see. Thailand gastronomy is famous worldwide. Even the most picky eaters fall in love with food in Thailand. Capital city Bangkok is a bustling city known for its vibrant street life, shrines,temples, grand palace and a collection of decorated buildings. Thailand is equipped with all modern and updated tourism facilities. Country is home to all kinds of attractions from sun drenched beaches of Phuket to green jungles, limestone cliffs of Krabi,  national park of Khao Sok, lively cities such as Pattaya, historical sites of Ayuthaya, amazing ruins in Sukothai and a lot more. Thailand s cultural diversity is beyond the comparison which is visible in its cuisine and sites to visit. Thai people are very friendly and helpful but it is always good to be conscious and alert of notorious people. Thailand is exotic safe and cheap holiday destination to plan your next holiday. 


    Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Asia and also one of the most visited one. Country has many international and domestic airports connecting world to the country and cities within the country making it easy to reach and travel Thailand. Some of the major airports of Thailand are :
    Suvarnabhumi Airport - Bangkok
    Don Mueang Airport - Bangkok
    Phuket International Airport - Phuket
    Udon Thani Airport - Udon Thani
    Chiang Rai Airport - Chiang Rai Airport
    Hat Yai Airport - Hat Yai
    Krabi Airport - Krabi
    Samui Airport - Samui
    Surat Thani Airport - Surat Thani
    Chiang Rai Airport - Chiang Rai
    Thailand is visited by thousands of visitors every year. Getting a airport car rental allows you to begin your journey at your own terms. You can filter the attractions country has to offer and visit as per your choice. Thailand car rentals are easily available at all the major airports of country. You can collect as well as drop your car at airports. 


    How or Where to book Thailand car hire? We at Car4hires have all the answers. We offer online self-service booking system which is easily accessible and displays current availability of car rentals at major airports of Thailand, exciting deals and excellent pre-booking discounts for car hires in Thailand. Having a car rental makes travelling and exploring diverse country like Thailand more comfortable and with no strings attached. Whether you are travelling with family, on a bachelor s trip or romantic honeymoon we have cars available matching to all requirements. Extra equipment such as child car seat, GPS or any other assistance is also available on request. It is always recommended to book your rental car in advance to avoid delays and on the spot trouble. We at car4hires render flexible hire car services like self drive and with driver. Cherish your most reliable car hire tour with Car4hires explore Thailand and its wonderful attractions most conveniently.


    Thailand has countless attractions and outstanding experiences to offer its visitors. When you enter Thailand or land at any of the Thailand airport you have endless options to begin your travel. As you get an airport car rental it endue you an opportunity to make best of your time in this fabulous and diverse country exploring it on your own terms. You can start as per your choice. Whether you want to enjoy a relaxing beach holiday, adventurous national park trip, shopping at night markets, enjoy the city buzz or any other thing Thailand has a long list of options for you.
    Staring from a capital city Bangkok, It is modern yet cultural city packed with things to do and see. It is one of the most traveller-friendly cities of Asia.  City is being served by two airports. Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Wat Arun, Wat Phra and Emerald Buddha (the most scared image of Buddha in Thailand) are main attractions of Bangkok.
    For beach holiday in Thailand, if you are landing in Bangkok, head south towards east coast, famous offshore islands of country such as Koh Samui, Koh Tao and Pha Ngan. Koh Samui is one of the most preferred offshore destination of Thailand followed by many other fabulous islands. From the port tow of Krabi there are many beautiful islands popular among tourists which can be visited easily. Phuket is one of them and other includes Phi Phi, Koh Lanta and others.
    Northern Thailand is much more than you can imagine, Thick jungles, traditional villages, elephant rides, small towns, temples and rich culture are main highlights of it. Chiang Mai  and Chiang Rai are two most famous destination of Northern Thailand. Chiang Mai is popular for its shopping opportunities and crafts villages where as Chiang Rai is home to many important Wats, Wat Phra Kaeo being the most famous one.
    Pattaya is another must visit destination of Thailand located to Southeast of Bangkok. Pattaya beaches are packed with many water sports and other sea activities. City is not only known for its beaches but is vibrant nightlife too.
    Hat Yai is a fabulous town with so many delights on offer. It is most famous among Malaysians and Singaporeans.
    Thailand s offerings are so diverse that everyone will find one or the other thing of his/her interest here. With having a car hire in Thailand you can plan your holiday as per your priorities and can set your itinerary accordingly. Travel with a family, go on a bachelor s trip or a romantic holiday with your loved one Thailand will serve you with best of what you expect.


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