What comes to your mind when you think of Italy? The amazing food, perhaps? The breathtaking scenery and Milan Car Rental services? How about architecture and history? The Italians offer all these and more. A visit to Italy never fails to capture my heart. Italy is the inspiration behind this blog. Italy's landscapes, from the stunning lakes and coast to its vibrant cities, will capture your heart first. After that comes Italian culture and food which is truly something to enchant everyone. Besides discovering Italy's popular tourist attractions, I have been on a mission to find the best-kept secrets of the country; local restaurants, quiet regions, Milan Malpensa Airport Car Rental services, and bustling smaller cities. On this page, you will find all the information you need to help plan you are most memorable trip to Italy, including inspiration and planning information if you are landing at Milan Linate Airport. 

Best time to visit Italy
Italy is a location, which can be visited at any time of the year and explored via Milan Car Rental services. Art lovers should visit Rome during winter, as it is a perfect winter destination. Visiting Italy during the winter season is also a great way to visit Christmas markets. In the south of the country, spring is a dream come true, especially if you plan to visit the country this spring. Spring is also a good time to visit rural Italy with car hire services in Italy and see gorgeous wildflowers at places like Lake Garda. The beauty of Italy will never cease to amaze you no matter what time of year you travel there.

Best things to do in Italy 
The Cinque Terre towns and cliff path that connects them offer spectacular views, picturesque villages, untamed landscapes, and local experiences unmatched anywhere else. With so many ancient sites to visit in Rome, it is easy to only scratch the surface and leave the city with no real sense of life. An insider tour of one of the landmarks can immerse you in the history and put the other sites into context. You can cover all the best local attractions with Milan Bergamo Airport car rental services if it is your stop. There are many more!

Food and accommodation 
Italy houses some of Europe's most memorable hotels, ranging from majestic hotels oozing belle- poque glamour to luxury accommodation on the cutting edge of contemporary design. By the way, you can reach out to your resting spot with car rental services. Like most people, I first encountered Italian culture through its cuisine years before visiting the country. Wander around the old town with Catania Airport car hire services from Car4Hires or near the waterfront for a quick lunch snack on the go in Naples. The smell of frying will draw you to the little stalls or booths lining the streets; see which ones seem popular with local Neapolitans before sampling their fare. You should also try the Amalfi Coast's local drink, limoncello.

Wrapping up 
The cultural offerings are equally diverse in Italy and have many rewarding places to visit, whether you are a history buff or a foodie. Explore enchanting colonial cities like Cartagena, learn about Colombia's history at museums in Medellin, take a coffee plantation tour and tasting, shop in Bogota's boutiques, or trek to the pre-Columbian ruins of Ciudad Perdida. For those seeking an exceptional location Italy ticks all the boxes starting from car rental services by Car4Hires and accommodation. 

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